Brian Cage is a staff writer for Body SpartanBrian Cage is a Certified Trainer through AAAI/ ISMA, National Qualified NPC Competitor, Contest prep coach, and a Professional wrestler. He is the 2013 Mr. Fresno (won the 2013 Fresno Classic Overall), as well as coached clients to victory in their classes and overall, from Women’s physique and bikini, to men’s physique and bodybuilding. Cage has also had great success with the general public bulking up athletes and students. As well as dropping unwanted weight off of moms, and working with specialty cases like a poor diabetic that needed to lose 60lbs fast to be put on the kidney transfer list, and another man that had to rebuild his entire strength from the ground up after being comatose.

Cage also reached his childhood dream of becoming a professional wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment. An obstacle that many felt would not come to fruition, and didn’t receive much support. But Brian has built a reputation out of proving people wrong. Whether its opponents at a bodybuilding show, competitors being prepped that don’t think they will be ready, a client that swears they can’t lose weight, or nay-sayer that tries to crush a dream to achieve. They’ve all been obstacles that have been overcome and proven wrong. Brian Cage is a “fitness-Guru” and wants nothing more than to see you succeed.