Burn fat with HIIT Training

Fat burning at the most accelerated rate possible can be done with one particular form of exercise. This technique is all about quality not quantity. If you want to cut your gym time and body fat in half, this info is for you!

In 1997 I met my amazing husband and discovered shortly after meeting him that we frequented the same gym. Along with his little bro we attended kickboxing classes at the gym. Being so outgoing, the three of us got to know the students and became advocates of the ones that were working hard daily, focusing on fat burning and losing body fat. In 2011, we packed up our home in Florida and moved back to the area where we first met, Sonoma County California. As we settled in, we began to frequent the gym we used to belong to before Gabe signed with WWE. Sure enough, there were all the familiar faces that we knew from years ago. They were still in their same gym routine but had the same exact body fat challenges as they did so many years ago.  Some were even heavier than before we moved away. This seems completely unfair due to their hours of consistent gym time. Fitness, unfortunately, is not about fair. A lean physique is a result of efficient diet and exercise.  If you are one that enjoys hours of walks and long weight training sessions then by all means continue to enjoy it.  That however, is not the key to maximum fat burning. The answer is surprisingly much simpler than that.

Fat burning exercises

If fat burning and body fat reduction is your goal, then it is time to work smarter, not longer.

Too much cardio is the first mistake most people make resulting in a catabolic effect (muscle wasting) vs. peeling away layers of adipose tissue (AKA: fat burning). This adverse affect is most common when the body has not been fed properly before the workout and the body is not refueled with the right foods once the sweat session is completed. With that in mind, energy stores should be replenished within 15-20 minutes post workout. Depending on what nutrition plan you are currently following this may be protein and fats or protein and carbohydrates.

My favorite mantra is: “Great abs are built in the kitchen!”

Long work outs without proper nutrition results in decreased testosterone levels and increases your stress hormone levels such as cortisol. Empty stomach cardio or post workout cardio is by far superior when it comes to being a body fat burning furnace. However, more than 20 minutes of intense cardio in this state will actually end up peeling away all the hard work that you do in your weight training! If you’ve been spending hours in the gym with no results, remind yourself to “workout smart”.  The question now is, “how do I work smart?”

The fastest exercise to burn fat while avoiding muscle wasting, and hormone imbalance is High Intensity Interval Training!

“HIIT” combines short, intensity bursts of exercise with limited recovery periods, repeated briefly after each exercise.  This type of training is performed at 85-100% maximum heart rate rather than 50-70% in moderate endurance activity. Sprints are a perfect example of how bursts of physical expenditure followed by brief recovery can get you shredded rapidly. Gabe Tuft discusses HIIT training in detail in his book, Body Spartan: Genesis.  You can click on the link below for more information and to purchase the book.  Go ahead, give it a try for a few weeks and you be the judge.

Body Spartan Genesis, Gabe Tuft, 2nd Edition_Title_sample


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