10 Fat Loss Tips You Need To Know Before Eating At A Restaurant


I love eating out at restaurants but it can have a way of reversing my fat loss and expanding my waist! The good news is that you can lose weight and go out to restaurants with 10 simple tricks!

For many years, having a nice dinner out was not even an option because there was simply no money for it. As our hard work paid off and our business really started cranking and we realized that we could now live a much more flexible lifestyle. At this same time I noticed that my jeans were a bit snug. For the life of me I could not figure out why I had gained this extra fluff. I realized that with our new financial comfort level we had been enjoying dinner out from time to time.

I would never of thought what a big  difference it would make for me. When I started to think about all the “small treats” from those dinners out and the extra “bonus meals” I was shocked to see how they added up. I realized that I needed to tighten up my game plan so that I could maintain my 100 pounds of fat loss without being thrown into the negative cycle that I was once in.

These are the 10 commandments of fat loss when it comes to eating at a restaurant:

1. Drink a full glass of water as soon as it arrives!

It’s already right there on the table so put it to work for you! Drinking a full glass of water and taking my Garcinia for appetite suppression has greatly helped me gain control. Now I can look at the menu about going absolutely berserk.

2. Have a snack before you go.

I never go to the restaurant hungry. In the past I would be meeting my goals with fitness all week then I blow all of my hard work eating all the bread on the restaurant table. Then devour a man-size meal because I was so hungry. Make it your goal to have solid meal within 2 hours of going out.This insures that you are not going out totally starving.  We can’t be ambushing the dessert tray as soon as we walk in, making a scene of chocolate desperation that sends our dinner date hiding in the corner. Less hungry, we’re in a more controlled state of mindrestaurant-lose-weight-tips

3. Look over the menu in advance.

On the way to the restaurant (or before you leave the house) go online and search see what they have. Get kind of an idea what might be a lean option that goes with your nutrition goals. The best part about this technological age is that almost every top restaurant has a full dinner meal accessible online with full color images of each dish complete with nutrition facts! Last night I went to cheesecake factory with my husband and daughter. I was having one of my famous moments of indecisiveness. Sometimes I just get the urge to try something new and different. Unfortunately I’m the girl that needs to see it before I eat it. I grabbed my iPhone looked up the menu and I was able to see pictures of all of the foods in question complete with nutrition facts and ingredient information! I was easily able to select a meal that kept me on a track with my meal plan. If I’m not indulging in a bonus meal I make sure that I find something in advance that helps me continue my forward progress!

4. Avoid carbohydrates altogether

Focus on natural carbohydrates from vegetables, fruits. I limits fruit when I’m out because I’m limiting sugar. I focus on vegetables, salads, proteins and a full fat low sugar dressing.

5. Eat vegetables as an appetizer!

All of us are hungry and there’s nothing else on the table to distract us. This is why as a family tradition we start out our dining experience with fresh green beans, asparagus or another vegetable oil but we can eat as we get ready ti our dining experience with fresh green beans, asparagus or another vegetable oil but we can eat as we get ready to order dinner. It’s especially helpful for keeping my little girl on track with her “grow foods quote before any It’s especially helpful for keeping my little girl on track with her “grow foods quote before any foods “Foods we limit “might arrive at the table. I have to laugh at how those foods we limit randomly show up for her almost every time we go out to eat. It seems that there is generosity around every corner usually manifesting in the form of dessert.  Last night when we were out to eat she drew a picture with accolades for a hard-working server. Then he didn’t speak English translator told him that he was being awarded for his diligent cleaning and that for a hard-working server. Then he didn’t speak English translator told him that he was being awarded for his card she was proud of him. Not even five minutes later he came back with a massive piece of cheesecake covered in fresh fruit and drenched in whip cream…just for her! It’s moments like this that we cut ourselves on the back retrospectively for chowing our veggies first!

6. Don’t waste on a calories on a lot of heavy sauces and things that will set back fat loss.

I order a full salad with dressing on the side. Usually I put a little bit of lemon or I put salsa or I’ll do with oil and vinegar dressing, and I start out with that so when I had my water. If you’re concerned about what might be in a dressing recipe, just a little oil and vinegar. That does the trick to make a salad delicious!

7. Get your head in gear!

My focus throughout the entire event is not what I am eating but the people that I’m enjoy time with. Eating out isn’t what you think, it’s not only about the food. Food is to nourish our body anything outside of eating for nutrition is emotional eating. Let the ultimate reason that we go out to eat be to enjoy those who nourish our human need for love and connection. Food will never meet this need no matter how we try, we will always find ourselves starving. Shifting the focus has a lot to do with being successful in a restaurant.

8. Stay on course with your main course.

I order my main dish with the focus on lean protein. I request that the carbohydrates be substituted with nice fresh steamed vegetables.

9. Let fat loss be your favorite flavor.

Hold the butter, hold the oil. I just dash salt on top or ask if they have any seasoning that don’t add additional flavorings. If they do I’ll go ahead and accept that with open arms to give my taste buds a flavor variety I might not get at home. Sometimes I add salsa on the side to spice it up.

10. Ditch the bread basket.

I ask the server to  immediately take away the bread or basket of chips. “Out of sight out of mind” is my motto when it comes to avoiding foods that might throw me off. Of course I only do this if it’s appropriate. If I’m there with dinner guests outside of family I’ll just deal with the bread but usually the bread off the table. Otherwise they try to beckon me from across the table every time.

These are a few of the the ways that I can enjoy dinner out while keeping off the weight that I want to hard to lose. More than anything maintaining fat loss at restaurants is about creating habits that are easy to maintain long-term.

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