15 “6-Pack Snacks” Your Abs Want You To Keep In The Car

When you are traveling away from home and caught in an emergency, be prepared if you want to keep your 6-pack abs! You may already have an extra tire, flares and a jumper cable but don’t forget healthy snacks! Package up these portable foods that will not perish when left in your car.

Setting up your emergency snack kit:

  • Package the desired items from the list below into a condensed box, bag or trunk organizer.
  • You should be able to store everything neatly under your seats or in your trunk without using up too much of your valuable space.
  • Be sure to pack each item into a lead-free glass container to avoid the possibility of leaching poisonous plastic chemicals in your fresh food and water. It gets hot enough to roast a turkey (even hotter inside your car) during the summer months. Over time heat degrades the plastic containers causing their integrity to fail and become a health hazard.
  • Make a healthy snack emergency kit as a gift and spread the wealth of fitness!

The ultimate non-perishable emergency snack list:

  1. Fresh spring water in glass bottles. Be best prepared for emergencies by carrying 32 ounces of fresh water for each family member.
  2. Mix a variety of seeds and nuts to create a healthy trail mix. (Pumpkin Seeds, Chia seeds, Cashews, Pistachios, Pecans, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Macadamia Nuts)

  3. Try Udo’s Low Sugar Granola or make your own granola at home. It’s fun and easy to make even with a little one lurking around the kitchen.
  4. Purchase or DIY apple and banana chips to get your fruit fix. Be sure there is no sugar added.
  5. Freeze dried or dehydrated fruits and veggies. Our little one’s favorite freeze dried food is green peas which she could gobble down all day. Wasabi Peas is my favorite!
  6. Stock up on veggie chips in the bulk aisle at whole foods.
  7. Try nut and seed butters in individual pouches such as Almond butter, Cocoa and coconut butter, as well as Cashew Butter.
  8. Try Snap Pea Crisps at Costco. They are one of my 2 year-old’s favorite treats.
  9. Store bought or (better yet) homemade Lean Jerky. Try turkey, chicken or beef jerky to add variety.
  10. Seeded crackers like “Mary’s Gone Crackers”
  11. Organic brown rice cakes
  12. Organic Dried or dehydrated Fruits such as Raisins, Sultanas (golden raisins) Dried Cranberries, Dried Apricots

  13. Dried or dehydrataed Peaches, Dried Pears, Dried Blueberries, Dried Pineapple (get the unsweetened kind; it is already really sweet) Dried Apples, Dried Mangoes (Unbelievably good; they sell big bags of them Costco.) Dried Papaya (chunks or spears) Dried Tropical Fruit Bits These would taste great with your trail mix as well! Just be sure to limit intake on a daily bases because of sugar content.
  14. Nature based seed bars like 2 Moms In The Raw are great for sustainability and energy.
  15. Wild Salmon or tuna in easy to use pouches instead of cans eliminate all excuses for missing your protein at meal time.

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