3 tips to explode your chest workout

3 tips for a massive chest

Everyone loves a good chest workout. Try these 4 tips to increase muscle growth beyond what you’ve ever experienced.

Chest workoutsSo many of us just go through the motions on our chest workouts. We bench press, we do dumbbell presses, and then we burn out some cables and call it a day. If you want a massive set of breast plates that turn heads, you’re going to need to take it a step further. These four tips below will help maximize your chest workout.

Tip #1: Use the mind muscle connection

Focus on the target muscle group with your mind and you don’t have to move the whole gym. I’m paraphrasing Mr. Olympia contender Kai Greene here.  His tried and true methodologies have proven time and time again to garner incredible results. If you’re doing a bench press, then focus on only contracting your chest muscles to make the weight move. You should be flexing your chest as hard as you can both with the positive motion and the negative motion.

The same goes for any other type of exercise for your chest. Flyes for example, you will want to remove the shoulders from this exercise as much as possible. As you lower the weight, try flexing your chest the entire time. Then, as you raise the weight, really focus on squeezing and contracting your chest muscle to pull the weights together. Many times we use our lats to start the motion by flattening our back out and then recruiting our delts to keep the momentum going. If you put a slight arch in your back, keeping your butt planted firmly on the bench, and pin your traps back against the bench, you’ll put most of the stress on your pecs.

Tip #2: Use super sets, tri-sets, and giant sets

Chest workout tips for muscle growthOne thing that everyone will say about the Body Spartans, is that we’re definitely the hardest working people in the gym. They say that because they see us doing massive amounts of volume and always giving 110%. A well kept secret of ours is to incorporate super sets (two different exercises for the same muscle group back to back), tri-sets (3 exercises), and giant sets (4 exercises). We take ZERO rest in between sets aside from walking to the next station. There’s also NO rest in between the entire circuit. An example of one of our giant sets would be 4 sets of 12 reps per exercise for:

  1. Incline dumbbell press
  2. Flat bench dumbbell flyes
  3. Decline hammer strength press
  4. Serratus pullover

It’s critical to sip your intra workout drink (BCAA’s) between each set. You have 20 seconds from finishing a set to take a small sip and get optimal recovery.

Here’s two chest workouts we developed that incorporate super sets and drop sets for some serious pectoral growth:





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Tip #3: Mix up the exercises

We’re all guilty of falling into a routine and doing the same workout or small variation over and over again.  To see new muscle growth, you need to completely shock your muscles every few weeks. Take the ego out of it and forget about losing a few pounds on your bench press. Start your workout with flyes, or a dumbbell press, and maybe put the barbell bench press in the MIDDLE of your workout – talk about muscle and ego shock AND muscle growth!

Body Spartan Howard Perry explains how to properly perform one of the little used chest exercises that keeps constant tension on the chest muscles the entire time. Howard Perry is a nationally qualified physique competitor.

Chest workout tips summary:

If you take anything away from this, it’s to focus on the mind muscle connection and not to just move weight. Try these tips this week and leave us a comment below!



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