6 Steps to Create Your Own Fitness Business

We are constantly asked by fans how to create a fitness business like Body Spartan. We share our tips openly and publicly, yet it’s helpful to hear from others who have done it too! Jessica Martel launched a successful business in the fitness & wellness industry in 2013. Within 3 years, her business ranked in the top 1% over her competitors. Using techniques that we used, It began with a vision and passion.

Now certified in nutrition & sports, Jessica founded The Positive Core Fitness and Motivational Co. without doing a single sit up or even losing 1 pound.  She partnered up with a direct sales company to get started. With just a broken laptop at her kitchen table and two small children, she became and inspiration in the industry.  She has broken her fitness business building steps into 6 tips for success that you can do too.

 This is her story:

Most people think you lose the weight, get certified and then – bam! You start up a business helping others get similar results. Maybe….but with 94% of small business start ups floundering or failing online, it makes you think,

“How do you start up a business online in the fitness niche and not only make it but THRIVE with it?”

It took several health struggles and real mind-shifts to get me to take long look in the mirror…. in a different way. And you know what? I remember the moment I took my before pics, this feeling inside that said, this has got to be more than just about the fitness goal. And it was.

More than just about making money, even though we really needed the income at the time, it was about creating something BIGGER than myself. Can you relate? Have you had one of those “ah-ha” moments? Awesome, so you’re familiar with the complete overwhelm crash that happens AFTER you get a great idea;) If you’re at the point where you feel ready to start up your fit shop but are not sure what it takes to go from $0 to your first, say 6 figures, go make a shake and have a seat.

We’re about to get raw & real.

I’m going to share with you what you can do to start putting together an action plan that will work WITH your larger vision…but also help you pay the bills off faster. Either way, these 6 principles below are going to take you from, “how the heck do I start?” to the, “Where’s the share, post or publish button?!” and, “I’m READY” mindset. Let me be clear, this takes time and in order to build a rock solid platform you’ve got to start from the core out – And ya, you’re going to come up with the “who am I or maybe this is too BIG of a something to start limiting thoughts….
but stick with all 6 of these steps.

Work them like you do your fitness routines and step-by-step you’ll see the start of your own empire. OK, so let’s dig in.

#1 Make it your movement, not your message.

No one cares about you, and this is actually a great thing;) People are looking for help for themselves first. Now it doesn’t mean that they don’t care or won’t grow into passing on the inspiration and motivation, they will. But in the beginning a great transformation story is greay but the key to making it INSPIRE?

Help people see themselves in YOUR process. Practical tip or step in doing this:

Create a transformational video that shares YOUR journey but tells a bigger story and has them as the hero.  Start sharing before pictures as you progress not just the final product. People want to follow you on your journey because it makes you just a FEW steps ahead of them verses already at the finish line.

Why? Because it makes you relatable, raw and real. Lastly, when you make it about your movement, helping others transform, that’s so much more than just …getting fit. And that’s something bigger than YOU + THEM. This bigness is what can birth your movement. People don’t follow people, they follow a larger idea that that person represents. What are you going to stand for in your movement?

#2 Brand yourself, not your product.

I started off in network marketing when I first started my business online. I put my marketing and sales background to work, I was careful to brand ME, not the MESSAGE. Because your message can and most likely will change. So whatever products you used and promote, use them share them. But do it in a way where you are real and authentic and just sharing what YOU use, not a poster child for just stuff (even if it’s great stuff).

What does this look like in real life for your business?

Share your day, a joke, a story, your progress, dedication alone with what you ate or took for breakfast to help with results. Show what you did to get out of a funk or how you motivated yourself through the week or how you overcame something. Let people IN to see the real YOU and they will not only buy what you suggest, but they will come to connect to YOU. And that my friend is buying power and influence. So take great responsibility in that.

#3 Be real.

When I first started my fitness business online, my movement was positivity, happiness, and motivation. So I shared and acted UP because that was the space I wanted to create for my followers. But I couldn’t be UP all the time and I let them in on that. I shared when I felt down and I shared when I felt like giving up. Because when I tried to BE the IMAGE I was created, it made me feel like I had to perform. That will suck the energy right out of you.

So keep it real. If you gained 10 pounds back, SHARE IT. Start again and take them on that journey.

If you’ve lost motivation to work out, SHARE IT. Start a challenge with your followers and ENGAGE THEM in your struggles. The universe pairs you up with people who match your vibe so USE THAT. Don’t ever feel you’ve got to fake it till you make it. That’s old marketing crap and it’s not REAL. Be real, be raw, and be you. It gives them permission to be them.  It also opens the channel for comments, questions, and engagement with your audience.

Action step: Share your struggles, make it about YOUR journey, the ups and downs the gains and losses.

#4 Brag it up…the right way.

Listen, people follow successful people or people that have what they want. End of story. When you start your business you’re going to have to learn to put yourself on a pedestal before they do. But you’re not doing it to go all ego on their beep. You’re doing it because you KNOW you’ve got something they want and you’re willing to teach, show and inspire them to do the same. So share those certifications, the people you’ve helped, the success you’ve had or want to reach. Don’t underestimate the power of sharing SMALL successes. To someone who has YET to start working out, your day 30 is a HUGE DEAL. What did you do to make it one month in? Share that.

#5 Become an expert & pick a niche.

It’s great when your friends and family come to you for advice. But your warm market only goes so far. Eventually, you’re going to need to start helping people FIND YOU on the great interweb.  Without going totally SEO (how google finds you) on you, tip number 4 and 5 are going to set you up to start BUILDING your platform, so you can make money at your business.

First up, you’ve got to pick a niche.

I picked women who wanted abs and energy back after c-section. Pretty niche. So, I studied everything about abs separation, hormones and the best nutritional staples for women who wanted just that. Then, I started to create content on topics for this niche like food I ate with the family, home life and yup me rocking that post baby body.

What’s your niche? What are you doing to learn everything you can about that? Find courses and programs that will help you be the TOP in your industry.

A great example of a niche audience: How to gain muscle when you’ve been skinny all your life.

A not as great of a niche audience: How to get motivated to workout.

The secret to finding your niche? What are the struggles YOU’VE overcome or want to overcome?

There’s a start!

#6  Set up your systems.

You’re ready to start motivating and inspiring others to transform their lives with fitness. Awesome. How do you actually set up and start your business online?

Well, if you’ve followed the steps, you know you’ve got to:

  • Brand yourself, not your products, so people will relate and follow you.
  • Pick your niche. Offer specific guidance topic, so it really speaks JUST to them.

You’re keeping it real and open so that you encourage engagement and make it easy for yourself to maintain this platform…cause it’s just your LIFE not an episode of some reality show. You’re learning and growing as an expert in your niche. This means investing in courses, programs and working as Jim Rohn says, “You’ve got to work harder on yourself than on your business.” Time to set up the systems, website and start building that movement that’s inside your head. This is not the time to DIY yourself into actually spending more time building your business than LIVING your life or…working out.

Make sure you’ve got the support and yes, money to invest in starting up. You don’t need much to start but it’s like Priscilla told me, “You’ve got to pay to play.” So, it takes an advertising budget and a team to make the dream work BUT you can start with just a simple idea and grow into it. Just keep your expectations proportional.

Look for just 1 person to help, then 5….It’s like the person who trains their upper body but forgets about leg day;) Then balance your start up with expectations and what you can afford to invest (time and money). Here are some great ways to get started simply so you can grow.

Have A Smaller Budget? You Can Start here:

  • Find a network marketing opportunity.
  • Get sponsored with Body Spartan to sell their stuff.
  • Find affiliates to work with and sell their stuff.
  • Start an Amazon store on your website.
  • Sell 1:1 sessions or work from a gym.
  • Guest blog with links back to your website.
  • Get in front of a LIVE audience in your community.
  • Start a challenge on social media, offer prizes or incentives.
  • Approach people with look-alike audiences and pitch your services to their audience and offer them a cut.
  • Start a meetup, yelp, facebook or social groups and referral groups.

Have A Larger budget? You Can Start here:

  • Set up a website, write some kick booty copy and start a facebook ad.
  • Create weekly content that GIVES to your community consistently.
  • Start up a podcast or youtube channel and share your insights & interviews.
  • Start up an email list and send out weekly content to your tribe and then sell to that list with your own products or other products that you get a referral fee.
  • Pay other people with larger lists or audiences to promote your stuff.

DO what you’ve got to do, and grow from there so you can then hire the team and start investing in larger ad budgets. So there you have it, 6 ways to start building a platform {or key phrase again} to take your passion from starting or being on your fitness journey to actually make money while doing something you love, every dang day.

Without overloading you, I want to give you one last piece of advice. Because it’s the #1 thing that made all the difference to me. Let go of how you think your business or success should come. Show up and serve the best way you can but don’t get attached to the idea of attracting people or clients to YOU. Instead, let your support, tribe and yes income flow from that place within. That’s the secret ingredient, and really deserves an entirely other post.

Let us know how these worked for you! Reach out! We’re here for you!

Jessica Martel is an intuitive branding coach, writer, educator and business strategist for entrepreneurs. In 2013 she  Today she’s leveraged her networking skills & degree in Journalism and Public relations and now helps people with her SoulBoss 6-Figure Platform System find & turn your online messages into a global movement.

Nothing will make your fitness business more successful than being a product of fitness!

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