Abs workout for that 6 pack you’ve always wanted

Abs workout for a six pack

Looking for that abs workout to ensure you get a six pack for summer?

This is week number 3 in our series on answering the five most frequently asked questions on the internet about fitness.  This week, we answer the question,

“What’s the best abs workout to get a six pack?”

Actually, the question should really be, “how do I get a six pack?” since there is no one abs workout routine that will get you to the promised land.  I give you the answer to this question below:

As I mentioned in the video, above, there is no one abs workout that will solve this problem.  Having a killer six pack that you will want to show off at the pool or the beach will be a factor of your nutrition and your cardio.  Having a killer abs workout will help but it’s a small percentage of the puzzle.  You have to have around 8% body fat as a guy and around 12% as a female to even see your all the hard work you’ve done on your abs.  All the crunches and weighted sit-ups in the world won’t do you any good if there is a layer of body fat on top of those ab muscles.

Getting your body fat low enough to see your abs

As I’ve mentioned before, HIIT training in the morning, before you eat or ingest any carbs or sugars is the absolute best way to shred body fat.  My book, Body Spartan: Genesis discusses HIIT training in detail and also provides a killer HIIT training program that’s 12 weeks long.  It’s also segmented for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced athlete.

That being said, the second factor in getting those abs visible will be your nutrition.  That’s where our Tri-System nutrition program comes into play.  It’s custom tailored just for your specific needs, body type, and goals.  In addition, it’s smart phone friendly and will provide you with a daily menu of what to eat, a shopping list, and a customized workout plan – just for you.  The whole assessment takes just 12 minutes to complete online and then you are on your way to being lean and shredded.  Click the link below for more information:

Tri-System Nutrition Plan – more info

Abs workout for a killer six pack

Now that your nutrition and your cardio is dialed in, let’s look at a killer abs workout to ensure that when you do shred the body fat, you have a washboard underneath to show off.

Rope crunches for abs workoutWeighted rope crunches

4 sets, 15 reps each,  1 minute rest

Use the rope attachment on the cable pulldown machine and set the pulley as high as it will go.  Kneel down in front of the pulley and grasp the rope on either side of your neck. Perform a full abdominal crunch.

Hanging knee raises for abs workoutHanging knee raises

2 sets, 30 reps each,  1 minute rest

Use the attachments that allow you to hang from the pullup bar.  Start with your legs dangling and your feet together.  Lift your legs up and bend your knees to your chest.  Make sure that instead of pulling your knees straight up, that you pull them out in front of you slightly, as if you were sitting in a chair.  This will increase the stress on your abdominal muscles.

Decline crunchesdecline crunches for abs workout

2 sets, 33 reps each,  1 minute rest

Grab a decline bench and cross your hands on your chest.  Start by crunching normally for one rep, then on the next rep twist and aim your left arm to your right knee.  On the third rep, twist and aim your right arm (elbow) to your left knee. Repeat this pattern for the full rep range.

weighted ab machine crunches for abs workoutWeighted ab machine

1 set, as many reps as possible

Pick a light to medium weight and with whatever strength you have left, do as many reps as you possibly can.  Shoot for at least 20 and as many as 50.

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