2 tips for more muscle mass

build muscle massAdding muscle mass is something you need no matter who you are. Here’s a few quick tips to help you meet your goals.

Depending on your level of training you’re probably doing 3 or 4 exercises per body part, some you love and some you love to hate. Whatever your goals are for stepping into a gym the correct choice in exercise can either speed up or slow down your progress. I spend a couple of hours in the gym and during my rest period I catch myself people watching. I attempt to figure out their goals based on the exercises they choose to do.

Two mistakes that are made by way too many people that prevents them from maximizing their muscle mass and are easily correctable and extremely beneficial are:

  1. The order in which the exercises are placed
  2. The choice of exercises

Most of us love to feel the pump; the exercises that produce these pumps are usually isolation exercises where you get to focus on that particular body part. You get to flex and squeeze the muscle it get as much blood in their as possible. These exercises however, are not great for building muscle mass as they are for muscle shaping.

Most muscle building exercises are usually multi joint exercises that forces you to exert a ton of energy without necessary feeling that pump. These exercises should be a staple in every workout, whether you’re a casual weight lifter to a professional bodybuilder or athlete.

As a staple I use these 3 supplements to aid in recovery and joint repair.

Come back Next time I’ll choose a specific body part to discuss!

-Ryck Stephens aka Big Zeke

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