Arm Workout for massive biceps and triceps

Arm workout for triceps and biceps

Ready for the arm workout of your life?

Gabe, Brandon, and guest, Randy, annihilate their arms in this crazy triceps and biceps workout. It’s loaded with super sets for arms combined (biceps and triceps), as well as super sets for just the biceps and just the triceps. Grab your creatine, your BCAA’s, and your A-game because you’re going to need all of it to survive this one.


Arm Workout Exercise #1: Triceps pushdowns super set with close-grip biceps cable curls

Arm Workout Triceps pushdowns Arm Workout cable curls

Use a standard, medium grip on a straight bar for the triceps pushdowns. Keep your elbows in close to your sides and don’t allow them to flare out. Stand as close to the cable as possible so that your body is almost straight up and down. Be sure not to lean over and roll your shoulders. This will take the tension off of the triceps – and we want as much tension on the triceps as possible. For the biceps cable curls, use a close grip on a straight bar for this arm workout.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 – warm up Yes 20/20 2 minutes
2 Yes 18/18 2 minutes
3 Yes 16/16 2 minutes
4 Yes 14/14 2 minutes
5 Yes 12/12 2 minutes
6 Yes 10-12/10-12 2 minutes to next exercise

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Arm Workout Exercise #2: Skull crushers super set with close grip EZ bar curls

Arm workout skull crushers position 1 Arm workout skull crushers position 2Arm workout close grip curls

Grab a flat bench and a medium grip on the EZ Bar. It’s your choice as to whether you flare your elbows or keep them in tight. Each position will target a different head of the triceps, so there is no wrong way or right way. Just remember to mix it up from week to week. Use a close grip on the EZ bar curls and slightly less weight than on the the skull crushers. Remember, the biceps are made up of two sets of muscles, while the triceps are comprised of three muscles. Thus, the triceps will always be slightly stronger and have the ability to push more weight.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 Yes 20/16 2 minutes
2 Yes 18/14 2 minutes
3 Yes 16/10-12 2 minutes
4 Yes 14/8-12 2 minutes
5 Yes 12/8-10 2 minutes

Arm Workout Exercise #3: Triple Set – Overhead dumbbell extensions super set with single arm skull crushers super set with single arm across the face skull crushers


Get ready to completely fry your triceps in this part of the arm workout. Use as heavy of weight as possible for the overhead dumbbell extensions to where you start hitting failure a few reps before the target number. Then, use a light weight for the single arm skull crushers. Gabe and Howard used just 20lbs and 15lbs. Once you start the skull crushers, you will do the entire super set for each arm before proceeding to the next arm.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 Yes 20/15/10 2 minutes
2 Yes 16/15/10 2 minutes
3 Yes 12/12/10 2 minutes
4 Yes 8/10/10 2 minutes

Arm Workout Exercise #4: EZ Bar preacher curls – partials and full reps

You will do five partial reps with only the top half of the range of motion, followed by two reps with a full range of motion. You will do four full rounds of these to make one full set.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 Partial reps/Full reps 5/2 x 4 rounds 2 minutes
2 Partial reps/Full reps 5/2 x 4 rounds 2 minutes
3 Partial reps/Full reps 5/2 x 4 rounds 2 minutes
4 Partial reps/Full reps 5/2 x 4 rounds 2 minutes

Arm Workout Exercise #5: Standing rotational curls

Standing curls for arm workout

Grab a set of dumbbells and perform a standard, single arm curl. As you curl, bring your elbow forward slightly and inward while you twist your pinky to the outside as much as possible. This will focus on the peak of the biceps. Increase weight on every set. Then, on the final two sets, you will perform drop sets where you do your reps, drop to a lighter weight, and do more reps without any rest.

Set Drop set Reps (each arm) Rest
1 No 15 2 minutes
2 No 12 2 minutes
3 Yes 8/10 None between drop sets, 2 minutes to next full set.
4 Yes 6/10/12 None between drop sets


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