August Unlocked

Body Spartan content is free in August 2014

Now through Labor Day 2014, all Body Spartan premium content is unlocked! That means you have full access to all of the training, nutrition, and fitness articles on the site, and you won’t pay a dime.  No credit cards, no trial periods, just pure knowledge at your fingertips with no obligations.

Training articles from internationally known TV Superstars, bodybuilders and professional athletes

We want you to succeed in your fitness goals! You can’t get this type of information anywhere else on the internet.  No other site has weekly articles from professional athletes, master sports nutritionists, fitness competitors and models, and TV Superstars.

One Fitness Book to Change Your Life

Body Spartan: Genesis is the one book that will help you change your physique…and your life.  If you’re ready to feel more confident about yourself, get motivated, and give us 12 weeks of 100% dedication – we will change your life.  This is THE ONLY fitness program that includes a 12-week training program from former WWE Superstar Gabe Tuft (AKA: Tyler Reks).  Also included in the book is:

  • A 12-week shredding diet and nutrition plan
  • Complete 12-week workout program
  • Gabe’s favorite recipes that work with the shredding diet
  • Supplement reviews
  • Tips on how to get motivated and stay that way

So what are you waiting for? Change your life today!

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