Body Spartan Raw Episode 4 | Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting Episode 4

Day 4 of the intermittent fasting experiment

Gabe continues to power through day 4 of intermittent fasting with a fasted cardio session and a fasted shoulder workout. Strength is down, but so is body fat! Get the inside scoop on what it’s like to actually do an intermittent fasting program as Gabe tells exactly how he’s feeling, whether or not he’s hungry and/or progressing.

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Intermittent fasting workout

Below is the shoulder workout that Gabe did during this episode. He started with 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio and then did his workout immediately after that. Both the workout and cardio were during his fasted time block.

Intermittent fasting shoulder workout exercise 1: Seated side shoulder raises

Increase the weight each set on this shoulder exercise.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 – warm up No 20 2 minutes
2 No 18 2 minutes
3 No 16 2 minutes
4 No 12-14 2 minutes

Intermittent fasting shoulder workout exercise 2: Smith machine shoulder press

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 – warm up No 20 2 minutes
2 No 15 2 minutes
3 No 12 2 minutes

Intermittent fasting shoulder workout exercise 3: Time under tension front raises with cables

5 reps simultaneous, hold one arm up and do 5 reps with the other arm, switch arms and do the same thing, then back to the full reps. No rest between switching positions.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 – warm up No 20 (5/5/5/5) 2 minutes
2 No 20 (5/5/5/5) 2 minutes
3 No 20 (5/5/5/5) 2 minutes

Important tips for intermittent fasting

Remember to stay hydrated. One thing we’ve found is that we tend to forget to drink water during our fasted blocks, since we aren’t eating. It’s a natural habit to drink water to cleanse the pallet or to enjoy with your meals. So be sure you’re getting adequate water.

Black coffee is acceptable on this intermittent fasting program, so long as there is no cream or sugar. We want to ensure that we don’t break the fast by ingesting foods.

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