Body Spartan’s “got wings?” back workout

Body Spartan back workout

Body Spartan’s wing building back workout

The Body Spartan crew knows that it’s not an energy drink that gives you wings. It’s sweat, iron, hard work, and a crazy pump. The team shows you how to build your lats in this intense back workout! Full BTS84 Episode below WITH extended back workout that includes tips from Brandon, Howard, and Gabe. We’ve included the entire workout below the video, as well.
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Seated low rope rows

supinated rope row back workout

Start your lift with this awesome variation of a seated row. Begin by placing a rope attachment on a seated cable machine, and from there you are going to grab the rope with a neutral grip (palms facing inward). With knees slightly bent, begin your pull movement while making sure to keep the rope low and tight around the belly button. By keeping the movement in line with, or below the belly button, you will target the lower section of your lats. As you pull the rope, you’ll want to supinate your hands (turn them upward) and flare the elbows out, which causes you to spread your lats and engage the upper part of the muscle.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 20 3 minutes
2 No 16 3 minutes
3 No 14 3 minutes
4 No 14 3 minutes

Meadows row

Meadow row back workout

This exercise is the perfect mix of a single arm dumbbell row, and a standard T-bar row. You can use a T-bar setup, or a regular barbell placed in a corner as an anchor point. Start by placing your right foot slightly forward, just past the bar. Bend over (keeping your back straight) and grab the end of the bar with your left hand, using an overhand grip. Begin your row motion while keeping your elbows flared out. Your contraction during this exercise might not be as good as keeping it tight, but this movement will create serious mass, by engaging most of your lat.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 20/20 3 minutes
2 No 15/15 3 minutes
3 No 12/12 3 minutes
4 No 12/12 3 minutes

Wide lat pull downs

Lat Pulldown Position 2 for back workout

Lat pull downs are one of the most common exercises for adding size to the back. Instead of the standard movement though, we decided to go extra wide and really focus on the scapular retraction. This will cause the teres major to activate more, which plays a huge part in strength and width. Make sure that as soon as you feel your arms taking over the movement, to stop contracting. The point is to focus on the back contraction.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 20 3 minutes
2 No 18 3 minutes
3 No 16 3 minutes
4 No 16 3 minutes

Standing straight arm pull-downs super set with standing under grip cable rows

Throwing in this intense super set with the same heavy weight approach, is the ultimate burn out. Stack the cable machines and jump into this 20 by 20 rep insanity, where we promise the pump will be too real. Load up to cable machines and start with the straight arm lat pull-downs, making sure to contract the lats and try to not recruit your arms or shoulders. Right when you finish, jump to the under-grip cable rows, making sure to keep the movement low and near the belly button. By this point, your body wants to recruit anything it can to get through the exercise, but do your best to keep the pull strictly in the back.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 Yes 20/20 3 minutes
2 Yes 20/20 3 minutes
3 Yes 20/20 3 minutes
4 Yes 20/20 3 minutes
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