Bodybuilding Tips – The Mind Muscle Connection

bodybuilding tips - the mind muscle connection trick

If you want to grow, these are the bodybuilding tips you need to know

The mind-muscle connection is one of the strongest forces behind muscle growth. It’s a bodybuilding tip that requires so much focus that it is often overlooked. In fact, that the Ohio State University published a study basically stating that you have the power to will your muscles to grow with the bodybuilding tips in this article. Here’s the excerpt:

ATHENS, Ohio, Dec. 24 (UPI) — New research (ed. the referenced study was recently published in the Journal of Neurophysiology) suggests muscles respond to simple thoughts of exercise; simply imagining exercise can trick the muscles into delaying atrophy and even getting stronger.

To demonstrate the power of the brain, researchers at Ohio University wrapped a single wrist of two sets of study participants in a cast — immobilizing their muscles for four weeks. One set was instructed to sit still and intensely imagine exercising for 11 minutes, five days a week. More than just casually daydream about going to the gym, participants were instructed to devote all of their mental energy towards imagining flexing their arm muscles.

The other set of study participants weren’t given any specific instructions. At the end of the four weeks, the mental-exercisers were two times stronger than the others. Participants that imagine exercise not only had stronger arms but also a stronger brain; their mental exercises created stronger neuromuscular pathways

“What our study suggests is that imagery exercises could be a valuable tool to prevent or slow muscles from becoming weaker when a health problem limits or restricts a person’s mobility,” study author Brian Clark, a professor of physiology and neuroscience at Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, said in a press release.

This concept is one that is used by professional bodybuilders and fitness competitors world wide. They are proof that focusing your mind on the specific muscle group you are working will caused increased, localized growth in that targeted muscle group. Why? It’s because you are taking the other muscle groups out of the equation. Rather than just “moving the weight” you are focusing on strict form and contracting the targeted muscle group.

In the video above, Gabe Tuft uses an example of biceps curls and keeping the shoulders pinned back. He also says that it’s important to focus on contracting the biceps to make the weight move, rather than just going through the motions.

Contracting the muscles causes growth

Contracting the targeted muscle group and squeezing that muscle group at the top of each movement will force much more blood into the muscle cells than if you were just going through the motions. You’ll definitely have to drop the weight and check your ego because you’ll hit fatigue AND failure much faster than if you were just banging out reps.

More blood in the muscle cells = more nutrient delivery = faster recovery = more muscle growth

Fingers on the targeted muscle group

Another one of the bodybuilding tips mentioned in the video above, is to have your training partner put his or her fingers on targeted muscle group as you do your set. A gentle tap of the fingers or simply just having your training partner place their fingers on the muscles will create an instant neurological connection from your brain to those specific muscles. It becomes incredibly easy to focus on that muscle group and squeeze that specific muscle group with this bodybuilding tip. You should get the, “Oh yeah! That’s what I’m supposed to be contracting!” effect.


Couple these bodybuilding tips with solid nutrition and rest

Using these bodybuilding tips along with constantly feeding your body the proper nutrition throughout the day AND getting enough rest are three critical elements for muscle growth and staying lean in the process. “Eating healthy/right” and eating to grow lean muscle mass are two completely different things. Eating to grow takes quite a bit more science and needs to be customized for your body and your goals. If you’re trying to cut some body fat while gaining muscle, you’re not going to be eating the same amount of food as someone who is just trying to pack on size.

Coupling your nutrition with a workout program that’s been proven to work time and time again, will also increase your chances of success.  When all of the puzzle pieces fit together, it’s really just a matter of being consistent and knowing that you will meet the goals you set when you started.

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