Boxing Training for Toned Shoulders and Defined Arms

WWE Superstar JTG's Boxing Speed Bag Workout for Defined Arms and Toned Shoulders - Body Spartan

Man Doing a Speed Bag Workout for Defined Arms and Toned Shoulders - Body Spartan near CaliforniaWho wants nice toned shoulders and defined arms? Time for some boxing training!

If your answer is “I do,” I have an exercise for you! If not, then I have a challenge for you!

A couple of months ago, I started taking boxing lessons.  One of the first things I wanted to learn outside of the ring was the speed bag.  A lot of you have seen boxing training movies or videos that show off boxers training with the speed bag.  Sometimes I sit there and say “Wow, how do they do that?!”  Using a speed bag takes concentration and practice.  Once you get used to the rhythm, it is addictive!  I have been using a speed bag every single day since I got the rhythm.  Let me be the first to tell you, it is a GREAT workout!

I have improved my shoulder strength, arm strength, and endurance from regularly training with a speed bag.  If you are looking to get toned shoulders and defined arms, a speed bag is a great way to accomplish this goal in a short amount of time.  The speed bag is NOT just for boxers, Body Spartans!  It is for anyone looking to get defined arms and shoulders.  I truly believe that everyone should implement this exercise into their daily workout routine!  Training with a speed bag for eight minutes a day is a lot more fun than eighty-seven sets of shoulder raises!

I personally opted to install an Everlast Speed Bag in my backyard.  I’d recommend doing this if your gym doesn’t offer a speed bag already, but for those Body Spartans who are serious about toning their shoulders and getting their defined arms, I would still suggest that you get yourselves a speed bag and platform.

Good luck on your journey to more toned shoulders and defined arms!  Tweet me on your road to ultimate fitness at @JTG1284!



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