BTS84 – Days 17-21 | Monster Chest Workout

Incline Bench Press for chest workouts

In this episode of BTS84, Gabe tosses some more recipes for the Unleashed bulking program AND the Genesis shredding program our way; He also gives us a full arm workout; and finally we get a full, monster chest workout completely written out for you underneath the video, below.

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Body Spartan monster chest workout

Howard and Gabe devised this crazy chest workout on the fly. It incorporates both compound movements as well as stabilizer exercises that are guaranteed to put your endurance and strength to the test!

The full chest workout is below! But first, here’s the information on the Genesis Program Gabe talks about:

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Watch the short, 60 second video and see what the Genesis program is all about

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Incline Barbell Bench Press

Incline Bench Press for chest workouts

Be sure to pin your traps and shoulders back and try to use ONLY your pec muscles to move the weight. Focus more on the contraction in the chest, rather than trying to get the weight up.

Set Drop Set Reps Rest
1 – warm up No 30 2 minutes
2 No 20 2 minutes
3 No 8-12 2 minutes
4 Yes 3-5 None
4 Yes 10-12 None
4 Yes 15-20 2 minutes to next exercise

Incline dumbbell rotational press


Rotational press position 1 for chest workout
Rotational press position 2 for chest workout


Howard Perry discusses proper form for this exercise in the video above. Be sure to watch for details.

Set Super Set Reps Rest
1 No 20 2 minutes
2 No 18 2 minutes
3 No 14-16 2 minutes
4 No 12-14 2 minutes
5 No 8-12 2 minutes

Standing, upright cable flies super set with bosu ball pushups

Chest workout cable flies

Bosu ball pushups

Reference the video again for a full explanation of how to do these. Push-ups should be to failure.

Set Super Set Reps Rest
1 Yes 30 / failure 2 minutes
2 Yes 20 / failure 2 minutes
3 Yes 20 / failure 2 minutes
4 Yes 20 / failure 2 minutes
5 Yes 15-20 / failure 2 minutes

Pec deck flies super set with single arm Hammer Strength flat press



Start with the pec deck for pre-exhausting the muscles. Go directly to the Hammer Strength flat bench press and turn your body to the side and do single arm presses with no rest when switching from side to side. Be sure to switch the starting side with each set.

Set Super Set Reps Rest
1-4 Yes 20/20 1 minute

Final thoughts on this chest workout

If done right, this should leave you with a massive pump and feeling extremely sore the next few days. Simply because some of these movements and super sets are not part of your standard chest workout, they’re going to shock your muscles and force some growth. As always, make sure you’re eating properly for your goals. Nutrition is 80% of the battle!

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