BTS84 Days 33-35 | Las Vegas & Lamborghinis

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    <p>In this episode of BTS84, Gabe and Priscilla Tuft head to Las Vegas for vacation! We get insider tips on how to eat when on vacation, two full workouts for chest and for arms, and one helluva ride in a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. If you’ve ever wondered how to drive a Lamborghini, we get the full tutorial.</p>
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Body Spartan arm workout with Lance Hoyt, the America Psycho

Gabe and Priscilla met up with former WWE Superstar and current New Japan tag team champion, Lance Hoyt. The three of them crushed a high volume arm workout full of supersets that will leave your triceps and biceps pumped like never before.

The full arm workout is below! But first, here’s the information on the Genesis Program Gabe talks about:

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Triceps pushdowns super set with cable biceps curls

Arm workout with triceps pushdowns
Arm workout with triceps pushdowns


Using an EZ curl style bar for triceps, be sure to lock your upper arm in place so that only the hinge at your elbow is moving. Watch Gabe in the video for proper form. On biceps, roll your shoulders forward and keep your elbows tucked in tight to work the short head of the biceps.

Set Super Set Reps Rest
1 – warm up Yes 30/30 2 minutes
2 Yes 20/20 2 minutes
3 Yes 18/18 2 minutes
4 Yes 16/16 2 minutes
5 Yes 14/14 2 minutes
6 Yes 12/12 2 minutes
7 Yes 10/10 2 minutes to next exercise

Triceps overhead dumbbell extensions super set with incline dumbbell curls

Triceps overhead extensions for arm workout

Biceps incline curls
Arm workout with biceps incline curls

On the incline curls, roll your shoulders back and keep your arms behind you slightly. Watch Gabe carefully in the video for form, as this position will work the long head of the biceps.

Set Super Set Reps Rest
1 Yes 20/20 2 minutes
2 Yes 18/18 2 minutes
3 Yes 16/16 2 minutes
4 Yes 14/14 2 minutes
5 Yes 12/12 2 minutes
6 Yes 10/10 2 minutes to next exercise

Smith machine close grip bench press


Close grip bench press for arm workout
Close grip bench press for triceps and arms




Keep your elbows in tight throughout this entire movement. The second you start to flare them is the second the tension moves to your pecs and off of your triceps. Also, get your grip as close as possible without putting excess strain on the wrists. We prefer slightly closer than shoulder width. Exaggerated close grip will only result in injury.

Set Super Set Reps Rest
1 No 20 2 minutes
2 No 18 2 minutes
3 No 16 2 minutes
4 No 14 2 minutes
5 No 12 2 minutes
6 No 10 2 minutes to next exercise

Dumbbell hammer curls

We prefer to do these simultaneously so that the tension never releases on either arm.

Set Super Set Reps Rest
1 No 20 2 minutes
2 No 20 2 minutes
3 No 20 2 minutes
4 No 20 2 minutes

Final thoughts on the arm workout with Lance Hoyt

Form is crucial on all of these exercises. We are specifically targeting the biceps and triceps and should do our very best to remove every other muscle group from the movement. If you find yourself swinging weight for more than one or two reps on ANY set, it’s time to ditch the ego and drop the weight.

Also, taking both the Xiphos and T-Volve pre-workout like Gabe and the team does, will give you an incredible, skin tearing pump! The Xiphos is our muscle pump formula and vasodilator. It will help increase the amount of blood pushed into the muscle cells while working out, and give you a crazy pump. The T-Volve is our all natural testosterone booster.


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Xiphos muscle pump formula


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