BTS84 Days 58-59 | Arms super set workout and weigh-ins

Genesis Workout program

In this episode of BTS84, we get an inside scoop on how effective the pre-exhaust leg workout actually was; Gabe shows us a new way to track meals; and he gives us a new super set arms workout. Wait until you give this arm workout a shot, it should leave you unable to lift your shaker cup at the end!

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Super set arms workout

In this super set arms workout, we will be taking zero rest in between triceps and biceps exercises. This will allow us to maximize the blood flow in the arms and leave you with one serious pump.

The full super set arms workout is below! But first, here’s the information on the Genesis Program Gabe talks about:

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Triceps close grip pushdowns super set with standard width cable curls

For this super set, Gabe rounded his shoulders on the cable curls to allow his arms to be slightly forward. This recruits the short head of the biceps. Be sure to avoid using your delts to raise your arms and finish the reps. Your upper arms should NOT move at all.

Set Super Set Reps Rest
1-4 Yes 20 2 minutes

Dumbbell triceps skull crushers super set with dumbbell preacher curls

For the triceps skull crushers, it’s important to try to keep your elbows in tights and make sure the weights go parallel with the bench. Again, try not to move your upper arm. Pretend like the hinge is at your elbows and only your lower arm is moving. For the preacher curls, try to relax your wrists as much as possible when curling. Also open your chest up to the side, allowing more of the tension to be on the biceps.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 Yes 25/20 2 minutes
2 Yes 20/18 2 minutes
3 Yes 18/16 2 minutes
4 Yes 16/14 2 minutes
5 Yes 14/12 2 minutes
 6 Yes 12/10 2 minutes to next exercise

Barbell skull crushers super set with EZ curl bar biceps curls

On the curls, rotate your grip each set. So on the first set, use close grip, on the next set, use medium width. Rotate back and forth each time until all of the sets are complete.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 Yes 25/20 2 minutes
2 Yes 20/16 2 minutes
3 Yes 18/16 2 minutes
4 Yes 16/12 2 minutes
5 Yes 14/12 2 minutes
 6 Yes 12/10 2 minutes to next exercise

Single arm triceps pushdowns super set with close grip cable reverse curls

Lean against the post on the cable, and grab the rope over your shoulder. Lock the crick of your elbow under your lower pec and use only the triceps to move the weight. Get a good squeeze on these. Make sure you turn your head the opposite way or the cable will get you right in the face. Also, keep your shoulders level to the ground and avoid dipping to the side you are working.

Set Super Set Reps Rest
1-4 yes 20/20 2 minutes

Seated overhead dumbbell triceps extensions super set with seated dumbbell curls with arms back

On the seated curls, pin your shoulders back and let your arms rest slightly further back than normal. Keep the upper arms and shoulders locked in this position when you curl. This will ensure you work the long head of the biceps.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 Yes 20/20 2 minutes
2 Yes 18/18 2 minutes
3 Yes 16/12-14 2 minutes
4 Yes 14/12-14 2 minutes
5 Yes 12/12 2 minutes
 6 Yes 10/10 2 minutes to next exercise

Super set arms workout summary

This is a long super set arm workout so be sure to bring your BCAAs with you for your intra-workout supplement regimen. Remember, in this arm workout, there is no rest in between the super set exercises. You’re also going to want to pick a weight for the sets where you can get all the reps but are approaching failure by the last few reps. The lactic acid burn on these sets should be amazingly intense too!

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