Build bigger chest muscles with the grip switch workout

Building bigger chest muscles

One of my favorite motivational posters to look at before I do a chest workout is the one of Arnold Schwarzenegger posing after he won Mr. Olympia. That pose gives me the drive, focus, and inspiration to sculpt seriously bigger chest muscles.

There are three things I love to accomplish during a chest workout after looking at that Arnold poster. One is working on the width of my chest, two is thickness, and last but not least is definition.

Build bigger chest muscles using the grip switch routine

Chest is my second favorite body part to work and one of my favorite sets to do is called ” Grip switch ” . Grip switch is a work out I do on a either a flat bench or incline bench if I’m targeting upper chest.

I put 25 lbs on each side, which for me is extremely light weight. I then proceed to do 10 reps with a wide grip and then without any rest I switch my grip to the middle of the bar and do 10 reps. Finally, I do 10 reps of close grip. I take a 15 second rest and then I bang out as many push ups as I can on my “Push up elite”. I take a two minute rest after that. On a grip switch day, I will usually do 3 sets of grip switch adding another 5 lbs to each set. This is more of an endurance workout with higher reps so you will need to use lighter weights. Targeting endurance training is an important factor in any fitness program.

I’ve personally gained and noticed huge results with this routine and it’s helped me to blast through some lifting plateaus. Just find the right weight that works for you and I promise, with bigger chest muscles,  the ladies will be double taking when you have a nice fitted tank top on.

Here’s a link to the Push Up Elite on


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