Bulking workouts that will give you 25lbs of muscle fast

Bulking workouts to gain 25lbs fast

Getting big takes commitment and the right bulking workouts

It’s important to know that it takes the right commitment to put on serious size. You need to commit to eating, incorporating the right supplements, doing the right bulking workouts, getting sleep and rest, and keeping stress levels to a minimum. We will go over each of these key factors to gaining muscle the fastest way possible.

Eat to fuel your bulking workouts

If you want to get big you’re going to need to eat “big”. What we mean is that your caloric intake needs to be more than what you are using. If you are consuming 3000 calories a day and burning 3500 calories, then you are going to lean out, which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Most people fail with nutrition because they are worried about putting on too much body fat. If you’re skinny, this should be the least of your problems because if anything we want to try and add fat to you because your body will be working so hard to burn through the extra calories that “putting on fat” isn’t an issue. As for the people who run a little heavier, you will be putting on some fat but not a lot, you will just need to make sure your carbohydrate source is complex and not simple.

This leads to the next important factor in gaining size. CARBOHYDRATES should be your main source of calories when bulking and one possible way to break them down is like this

  • Carbs: 55%
  • Protein: 25%
  • Fat: 20%

This isn’t necessarily the “right way” to do your macros for bulking. Rather, it’s one formula that works for a good handful of people. Everyone’s body is different.

It’s also important to know which carbohydrate to consume and at what time. There are two different types, complex and simple carbohydrates.  Simple are mainly starches and sugar and consists of one or two sugars (flour and fructose). Complex consists of more than two sugars and normally are fiber enriched.  Simple carbs are good right before a workout or activity because it will be broken down faster and utilized by your body the quickest. Complex should make up most of your meals as the fiber will help everything move through you faster.

Lastly you want to make sure your meals are broken up into a minimum of six daily meals (three small and three large). This breaks down to every two to three hours, that you will be having a meal. You want to start your day off with one of your first big meal of the day, because your body has been fasting for about 6-8 hours and your body is catabolic (eating muscle for energy) from there it will rotate to small, large, small, large, and ending with small. you want to end your day with a smaller meal because your body is going into rest mode which naturally slows down your metabolism. Again, this is just ONE method of doing your meals for bulking – and it may not work for everyone since everyone’s bodies are different.

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Supplementation to boost your bulking workouts

Supplements are not needed when it comes to putting on size, but when it comes to putting on size fast, supplements can make the difference. Some of the key supplements to add into your daily consumption would be Protein powder, creatine, and a testosterone booster. adding these three will allow you to get the extra calories needed to grow, they will increase the strength of your cells so that you transport nutrients to the muscles faster and allow a quicker recovery, and will also stimulate the production of your main growth hormone.

Let us start with protein powder, which is the most convenient way of getting protein and calories. Convenient being the key word, because we would much rather get our protein from real foods. We all know that sometimes it can be difficult to put down 6-8 oz of chicken or some other meat. You are either crunched for time, to full to eat that much food, or you are limited on your remaining calories.  Protein powder is a quick way to inject some protein and calories in certain situations.

Creatine is a game changer when it comes to putting on muscle mass. If used correctly, it will increase muscle strength and size, enhance recovery, improve burst movements, and even enhance brain function and reaction. Creatine will help you get through the trenches and the extra strength you need to push out the last couple reps to maximize your pump, which ultimately stimulates more growth.

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder

Lastly, we recommend a testosterone booster. We use our product T-Volve as a natural test booster, which increases your natural production of testosterone. Since testosterone is the leading hormone in growth, its only optimal to boost the production. You will notice a strength boost, confidence boost, better sleep cycle, and overall better attitude.

T-Volve Natural Testosterone Booster

Best bulking workouts

Bulking workouts lifts

When trying to put on size, you’ll be consuming a lot of calories and carbohydrates. This will stimulate energy levels and growth hormones, in other words, you’ll be STRONG. So, the best way to utilize the extra strength is pair it with heavy workouts AND hypertrophy. The simple method will be the heaviest weight for the most reps, generally 4 sets of 6-8 reps. The second part of putting on size, is to focus on your larger muscle groups, such as back, legs, and chest. We are not saying ignore the other muscles such as arms, but too many people focus on the accessory muscles and don’t work the muscles that are going to grow the most and give you size. Some examples of exercises are going to be squats, dead lifts, rows, leg press, leg extensions and curls, and bench press. Keep in mind that must back exercises will work biceps secondary and most chest exercises are going to work triceps secondary. So, those lifts won’t need as much attention.

Once you’ve smashed some heavy weight, it’s time to fill those muscle cells with blood. We like to do higher reps in the range of 20-30 reps and pyramid down. You’re doing two things here. By smashing the heavy weights first you’re stimulating your fast twitch muscle fibers needed for strength and to tear down the fibers. Next, with the higher reps, you’re forcing lots of additional blood into the muscle cells. This brings nutrients and oxygen to the muscle cells which is perfect for growth and repair. In that same moment, you’re stretching the muscle fascia and expanding the size of the muscle cells. Again, our Unleashed Program covers all this. It’s got over 80 different workouts with increasing intensity, custom nutrition, daily video content, and more. If you want a skin searing pump every day, you want to jump on Unleashed:

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Rest is key behind bulking workouts

Bulking workouts rest is key

It’s too often that you see people going to the extreme of hitting the gym 6-7 days a week in effort to maximize growth. Reality is that if you do not rest, you will NOT grow and essentially hurt yourself. Think of your recently worked muscles as a sprained ankle. If you were to run on the sprained ankle every day, would it get better? no it wouldn’t. You need to think of your muscles in the same way. When you really work out a muscle, you will cause slight muscle fiber tears. The tears are then filled with blood and nutrients and heal up stronger. This process happens when you do NOT work out and REST them. you will come back from your rest days healed and stronger than before.

Ultimately you need to understand that growing isn’t all about the bulking workouts. Yes, you must train right, but you also must eat right, and rest to maximize your results. Otherwise you will be working hard for no reason and ultimately will lose the drive!

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