Do I do cardio before or after weight lifting?

Should you do cardio before or after weight lifting

What’s better – to do cardio before or after weight lifting?

Team Body Spartan has been actively searching the internet for the five most frequently asked questions about fitness.  This week we tackle number four which is, “Should I do my cardio before or after my workout?”.  Body Spartan founder, Gabe Tuft, answers this question in the video below:


As the video above discussed, there are two different times to do your cardiovascular exercise that will optimize your results.  The first is doing it directly after your weight lifting session.  This way your body has burned through a good amount of your carbohydrates and glucose stores.  This means that your body will be turning to your fat stores for energy sooner than if you did your cardio prior to lifting weights.  If you do cardio first, you will most likely be exhausted for your weight training session and won’t reach your maximum potential.  Additionally, you may even go catabolic.
The other option is to do your cardio in the morning when you first wake up, before you eat or drink anything aside from a glass of water.  This is my favorite option and I have used it every time I get ready for a photo shoot, a commercial, or a video promo of some sort.  It’s pretty much the fastest way to lose weight – and by weight I mean body fat.
If you are looking for an awesome cardio program that will save you hours a week and only requires less than 20 minutes a day, four days a week, you need to grab a copy of my book, Body Spartan: Genesis.  There’s an entire HIIT training program in it for the beginner, intermediate, and expert athlete.  Each one has a different level of intensity depending on your experience level with training.  You can buy the digital book here:

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Be sure to check back next week when we answer the final question in our series, “The five most frequently asked questions on the internet about fitness”.

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