Gym motivation for when you feel like quitting

You have to reach failure to know your current limits – and overcome them.

Once you hit failure, it’s a matter of focusing your mind to overcome your current limits and break through them with ferocity.  This short motivation video from Team Body Spartan will spark a fire in you to push beyond your usual limitations:


This video applies to so much more than just fitness. No matter what your goals and your dream are, you will always hit temporary limitations. Those that can find a way around those temporary limitations are the ones that will be successful in whatever it is they choose to do.

The Power of the Mind

Our social media response to this video has been amazing. As always though, there are those that only see the superficial and don’t quite hear the message behind it. Yes, fitness is our personal platform for motivating the masses. No, you do not have to be a “meat head” or dedicate your life to fitness to be successful and chase your dreams.

However, if you are looking for a jumping off point to see what your mind is capable of, then we strongly suggest undergoing a fitness transformation challenge. The reason is simple – you will push your mind and your body beyond what it is usually capable of. There are a select few in this world that can tell themselves, “Yes, this hurts but I’m going to push through it”.  It’s a mind set.

I always say,

“Your mind will fail first – before your body does!”

There couldn’t be more truth to that statement. If you tell yourself that you CAN and WILL get 2 more reps in your set, you’re going to get those extra two reps. If you question your ability or your motivation during that set, you are going to hit a brick wall and miss your goal.  As soon as your mind gives out and says, “No more”, your body will instantaneously follow suit. Why? It’s because your brain controls every function in your body, every muscle movement, every release of natural chemicals and hormones such as endorphins, forces your heart to pump more blood and oxygen to your muscles – all because you tell it to do so.

You have to find a “WHY”

Time and time again we’ve said that you must have a “WHY”. This is your driving force behind all you do in the gym and with your fitness goals. This will apply to EVERYTHING you do but for the sake of this article we’ll focus on gym motivation. If you know the exact reason you are in that squat rack, or on that treadmill, you will be driven to push yourself across the finish line. Understanding and remembering why you set out to change your physique in the first place will put your mind in an extremely focuses state.

When searching for your “WHY”, dig deep. Dig very deep. Go beyond, “I want to lose 10 lbs to look good”. Instead, ask yourself “Why do I want to lose 10 lbs to look good?” and then ask yourself that same question again when you find the answer. Peel away the layers and search for the true emotional attachment to your drive. Be honest with yourself. You don’t have to tell anyone. This is simply a tactic and a tool for you to seek out your true motivation and remember it when you are thinking about quitting or are reaching failure.

Everybody fails.

Now pick yourself up off the ground and try again until you succeed.


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