Exercise plan to lose weight and get lean

Body Spartan Genesis, Gabe Tuft, 2nd Edition

The Body Spartan Genesis program is an exercise plan designed to incinerate body fat and get you lean and shredded

Exercise plan to lose body fat


The exercise plan was designed by former WWE Super Star, Gabe Tuft, who’s stage name was Tyler Reks. Known for his incredible physique and his 22 years of experience in the fitness industry, Gabe designed this exercise plan to work for people with no experience all the way up to advanced athletes like himself. This exercise plan comes with:

  • E-book
  • Workouts with Tri-Phase Training System
  • Full nutrition plan
  • Complete supplement guide
  • Lifetime access to the Genesis Members Area
  • Streaming instructional videos
  • Online support

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Watch this short video on the Genesis Exercise Plan

Gabe Tuft, the creator of the Genesis program, explains in detail what our program includes and motivates you to be successful. The short, 2 minute video will motivate and inspire you!

What is the Tri-Phase Training System with the Genesis Exercise Plan?

This is one of the Genesis Exercise Plan’s secret ingredients. Training styles vary every three weeks and rotate from strength training, the mass training, to endurance training. On the last two phases of the exercise plan (mass training and endurance training), the workout routines will change every two weeks. This method of training continuously shocks the body and muscles and keep them guessing. Adaptation prevention is key to continuously gaining lean muscle mass and losing body fat. Your muscles adapt to your workout routine very quickly and if you change it frequently, they will continue to grow.

The Tri-Phase Training System also targets both fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers. By targeting both types of muscle fibers and varying the rep ranges, this exercise plan will help maximize muscle growth.

Body Spartan Genesis Exercise Plan


Does this exercise plan come with nutrition?

Yes! The Genesis Exercise Plan does come with a full nutrition program. It was designed and developed by our Master Sports Nutritionist. It’s a very complicated formula that is simplified with our nutrition calculator. As part of the exercise plan, the nutrition calculator is included and asks for body-specific variables. It will then output how many grams of carbs, protein, fats, and also how many calories you need to eat for each meal. The Body Spartan Genesis Program also comes with recipes and a full list of suggested foods. While you can literally eat anything you want on the plan – as long as it hits your protein, carbs, fat, and calorie intake – our suggested list of foods will maximize the effects of the nutrition plan which are:

  • Burning fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates
  • Incinerating body fat
  • Maintaining and even gaining lean muscle mass while shredding

exercise plan with nutrition plan

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Supplement guide included with exercise plan

A full supplement guide is included with this exercise plan. While supplements are not required, they are recommended to give you that edge you may be missing. The supplement guide covers which supplements are the best bang for your buck. You can even use our VIP coupon code and get 50% off Body Spartan supplements AND free shipping! The coupon code is:


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Are there instructional videos with the Body Spartan Genesis Exercise Plan?

Yes! The Body Spartan team has created a full line of instructional videos that stream from the members section to your phone, tablet, or computer. These videos show you how to properly perform every single exercise with the right form and proper execution. Each phase of training in the exercise plan has a full set of videos AND an intro video that explains what you can expect from the next phase of training, what weight to use, and what secrets you’ll be learning.

Do I have to wait for you to mail me the exercise plan?

Nope! There’s no hard copies and nothing will be mailed to you. The entire Genesis Plan is digital. As soon as you complete your purchase you will get instant access to the members area. Simply log in with your user name and password and you can instantly download the e-book and program, have access to the nutrition calculator, and watch all of the instructional videos. Did we mention there’s also a bonus motivational video that’s never been released to the general public?


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The exercise plan has a full, 100% money back guarantee!

The Body Spartan Genesis program has a full money back guarantee. The full program is just a one-time payment and all we ask is that you try the program for at least 30 days. We’re so confident that you’ll get the results you want and begin seeing significant results in those first 30 days that we proudly offer this guarantee.

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