Female Fitness Motivation – 4 images to spark your flame

Female Fitness Motivation

Whether you’re a girl or a guy, female fitness motivation is awesome and we’ve got four images that are right up your alley.

Female fitness motivation is tearing up the internet and Team Body Spartan has pulled together a few images to spark your flame and inspire you to stay motivated. So many females are worried about “getting too big” by lifting weights. The images of female bodybuilders with excessive muscle mass have tainted their view of the gym. Well, we’re here to tell you that the new goal is not to be a female bodybuilder, but rather to be fit and muscular. After all, strong is the new sexy.

1. Female fitness motivation image 1: Body Spartan Co-Founder, Priscilla Tuft performing upright rows with plate weights for a variation of dumbbell rows.

“I love this exercise. It allows me to really focus on my lats and rear delts. A lean, muscular back on a women is a sign of strength and beauty.”

Female fitness motivation image 1

2. Female fitness motivation image 2: Body Spartan Brand Ambassador, Safira Wulfsberg-Gesmundo performing hanging leg raises.

“I think that abs are beautiful on women. I work hard to stay lean so that all the work I do for them shows on stage. It helps me to be confident too.”

Female fitness motivation image 02

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3. Female fitness motivation image 3: Body Spartan Brand Ambassador, Eren Foster performing cable flies.

“I work hard daily so that I can feel confident about myself. “

Female fitness motivation for the gym


4. Female fitness motivation image 4: Body Spartan Brand Ambassador, Safira Wulfsberg-Gesmundo performing dumbbell sumo squats using plyo boxes.

Motivation for female fitness


Hard work shows and daily work leads to results. We can only hope that these female fitness motivation images have inspired you to chase your dreams and to be the best you can be – not for anyone else but you.

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