Fitness Motivation

Fitness motivation with powerlifting and deadlifts

If you’re looking fitness motivation, you need to watch this web exclusive video

Body Spartan Founder Gabe Tuft (AKA: Former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks), Rob Hagar, and Steve Ortega talk about powerlifting during a deadlift session.  The guys dig deep and talk about why they lift, what drives and motivates them, and what their goals are.


It’s about teamwork and motivation

The guys in the video above aren’t out to be the strongest guys in the world.  They’re comradery  is about teamwork, encouragement, and motivating each other to do the best they can at any given time.  These guys fully understand that fitness and weightlifting are a release from the stress that’s encountered in our day-to-day lives. It’s an escape from the mundane and from the routine and a chance to be something greater…even if it’s only for a second.

Motivation to Workout

In the video above, Gabe, Rob, and Steve talked about their time in the gym being fun. As you can see, their just average guys doing what they enjoy.  Each one of them sets their own personal goals and finds the motivation to workout through their support group – AKA: Team Body Spartan.  Having a workout partner or a group of guys (or girls) that you motivation to workoutlift with on a regular basis will help ensure that you stay motivated and meet your goals. Here’s a few tips on keeping your motivation to workout with a partner or group:

  1. Find a workout partner above your experience level. You only grow and learn when you are in the presence of people that know more than you or have more experience than you do.
  2. Hold each other accountable. Call, text, Facebook message, email each other to ensure that you guys/girls are sticking to the plan.
  3. Start a group text. If you have a group that you are working out with, similar to Team Body Spartan, throw them all in a text group in your iPhone. Gabe does this with his guys and calls the group the “Gainsy Crew”. No seriously, that is actually a thing 🙂  Now everyone in the group can respond to when people suggest workout times, workouts, or when you just want to have a good time.  It’s pretty fun to look down at your phone and see you’ve missed 30 texts and know you’re a part of a group that keeps each other motivated.
  4. Do the same workout program as your partner or group. This will keep you guys on the same schedule and help to make sure getting to the gym or doing the workout on the same day is easier.

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Join a support group!

Don’t just read fitness success stories, make them!

powerflifting motivationAt Body Spartan, the girls have their team, called the” Bombshells” and the guys are called, “Team Beast”.  We are always looking for people that want to be a part of these teams. Whether you feel like you’re worthy of being part of the team or not, there’s always a spot for you. For Team Beast, all you need is a dream and the drive to succeed.   There’s no judgement…and there’s no limits. It’s just you, the weights and possibly the best support group you will ever find.  We build these teams monthly through private Facebook groups, connect people with similar goals and coach them through their first 30 days of a program.

The key to success is really a simple three step process:

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success

It’s been proven to work time and time again. Whether you’re looking to pack on a few pounds of lean muscle, get shredded, or just powerlift like the guys in the video, this is a recipe for success! Find a fitness program with a solid nutrition plan, get in a support group with motivating people, and you will succeed and meet your goals!

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