Fitness motivation – the path to success

Fitness motivation and workout motivation programs

Fitness motivation and workout motivation will shape your success. Here’s 3 tips to get motivated and stay motivated.

Becoming a fitness icon that inspires millions of people may or may not be your goal – but wanting/having your dream body and feeling confident in all that you do and wear is something that we can all relate to.  In order to achieve that goal, you must first be motivated. I of all people know this.  When I was just 18 years old I had no idea how to achieve the dream body I wanted. I just lumbered through the gym trying new things and eating what I assumed was healthy food.  I no idea about training styles, nutrition and macros, and goal setting.

With that in mind, I’m about to download 22 years of fitness experience to you in three bullet points:

1. Know your goal, set your goal, stay the course.

Fitness motivation and workout motivation

When the first Body for Life Challenge came out in Muscle Media Magazine, I knew I had found my calling.  As far as fitness motivation goes, this was all I needed. For some unknown reason, this skinny little kid thought he could run the race…and win.  Here’s an excerpt from my program, Body Spartan: Genesis, that talks about this excitement:

After spending countless dollars on my subscription to Muscle Media and hours pondering what it would take for a girl like Monica Brant to notice a skinny little guy like me, the answer fell right into my lap – kind of. Actually, I turned the page in the latest issue and saw that the owner of the magazine, Bill Phillips, had decided to hold a contest. It was the first ever body transformation challenge and the grand prize was Bill’s red Lamborghini Diablo. I’m not sure if you heard me, but that was Bill’s red, (insert expletive) Lambo. Somewhere in the silly mind of that 18 year old boy, I actually thought I had a chance of winning that chick magnet and taking Monica Brant for a spin…in the car, of course.
That was all the motivation I needed. I began to freak out wondering how I would actually achieve this goal of winning the contest. Luckily though, Bill had written me a road map, right there in the magazine. Step one was to go buy a bunch of his company’s supplements and use them throughout the 12 week contest. He even admitted this whole thing was about making money for him, but in the process I would be handsomely rewarded with a sweet body and a bitchin’ ride. So I bit – hook, line, and protein powder.

Did I win? Nope. Did I walk away with a new body and some incredible self confidence that shaped the entire course of my future? Yup.  Why? All because:

I knew the goal – to win the red Lamborghini.

I set the goal – gain 14 lbs of lean muscle mass and drop body fat at the same time.

I stayed the course – I never cheated, I never strayed, and I kept the vision.

Getting motivated? You’re ready for the program.

  • GUYS – get jacked and shredded
  • GIRLS – get lean and incredibly toned
  • 12 WEEK PROGRAM rather than 30-45 days
  • EASY TO FOLLOW workout plan and nutrition plan

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2.  Use a fitness AND nutrition program that’s proven to work

Workout motivation and fitness motivation programThe first 4 years of my fitness journey I spent reading random articles in bodybuilding magazines looking for the “end all” workout for a specific body part. I thought that by doing some of the things the pros did, I’d look like them.  Well, I was partially right.  The problem was, I used PIECES of what they did.  I’d use a single chest workout and rep scheme, or a leg workout that they did – and I’d use it over and over and over again.  When I wasn’t growing, I’d get frustrated and find a new “end all” chest workout or arm workout.

It doesn’t work that way.

One of my biggest secrets that I disclose in my Body Spartan: Genesis Program, is that nutrition is 90% of the battle for fitness. Most people don’t realize that your actual workout is only 1/23rd of the amount of effort that must go into your physique.  Nutrition, supplementation, and rest are the bulk of your battle! If your nutrition is scientifically calculated down to the macro, if you’re not looking at the nutrition facts on your food, weighing your food on a food scale, and timing your meals, you won’t see the results you want.

This begs the question, “Where do I find this information?”.  Guys/girls, don’t fret – I have written EVERYTHING out for you in my program. It’s one solid, 12 week program that rotates around the three major training styles:

  1. Strength training
  2. Mass training
  3. Endurance training

It also has a full fat loss and shredding diet with a load of easy to follow recipes.  This program is tried and tested and is proven to work!

3.  Use supplements

Yes, you MUST use bodybuilding supplements if you want to see noticeable results.  Sorry folks, this is just the simple reality.  The average person does not have the time to prepare enough meals for themselves in the quality nor quantity needed for increasing lean muscle mass and to lose weight (body fat).  So in order to succeed in your fitness goals, you MUST SUPPLEMENT your nutrition.

I’m a huge proponent of letting people know what works and what doesn’t work. It’s that simple.  I have a few basic supplements that I have found to be the most effective out of everything I’ve tried. I also consider them essential to my (and your) success.

I discuss all of these in the program, but I’ll give you two of them right now.

Optimum Nutrition Protein Powder

High quality protein that tastes great. I recommend either the chocolate or strawberry flavors.  Both taste like I’m cheating on my diet but are virtually carb-less. I use ONLY this protein powder.

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 Pound

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High quality creatine that is PH balanced. All American EFX are the ONLY ones with a patent on this.  It prevents water from going between the muscle and skin and forces more water inside the muscle cells to delay fatigue and literally make you stronger.

All American EFX Kre-Alkalyn EFX, 120 Capsules

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Final thoughts on Fitness Motivation

So now that you have a few tid bits and a taste of success, I challenge you to try the Body Spartan: Genesis 12 week program.  It takes these three tips and expands on them in massive detail. It’s highly motivating. It’s changed countless lives and hopefully will change yours!

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