Hammer Curls Tips | Arm Workout Tips

Arm workout tips and hammer curls

Use this one arm workout tip to get massive results.

In the video below, Gabe Tuft shows you a major arm workout tip for the next time you are doing hammer curls. It’s based on him seeing a large amount of people in the gym doing the exercise incorrectly and not targeting the brachialis muscle properly. This one little tweak will make a huge difference in your results!

By keeping your upper arm locked in place and lifting the dumbbells forward and upwards, you will target the brachialis muscle more. Many people, when doing this exercise, will allow their upper arm to move and bend so that their elbow actually is behind their center line. By doing this you are creating two “hinges” and you are recruiting other muscles in your shoulders, namely your rear delts, to assist in completing the movement. This is why you might see people using much heavier weight on hammer curls than they would on standard curls.  Without even knowing, they are cheating the movement.

Using heavy weight always feels good for the ego. However, in this case, if you back off the weight, use these arm workout tips, and perform the exercise with proper form – you are going to get way better results. As your body adjusts to the form and the weight, THEN begin to slowly increase it. You’ll start seeing noticeable improvements in size in the width of your biceps when viewed from the front, as well as your forearms.

Try using sets starting in the 20-rep range and pyramid down to 10-12 reps, increasing the weight slightly each time. You’ll force a ton of blood into the muscle cells, stretch the muscle fascia, and then by increasing the weight and lowering the reps towards the end – you’ll also target those fast twitch muscle fibers and tear down some of the fibers. Thus, getting the best of both schools of thought for building muscle: (1) fascial stretching and (2) strength training, where you actually create micro tears in the muscle fibers.

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