Harbinger Big Grip No-Slip Padded Weight Lifting Straps

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Weightlifting may sound like easy exercise. You go to the gym, warm up, start with lifting light weights and with time, move on to heavier weights. The perception people have is that all weightlifting requires is for you to build enough muscles to be able to move up in weight. But, it is not as simple as that. When dealing with heavy weight, one needs to be extra careful. That slight mishap, misjudgment, or mishandling can result in serious injuries. Body Spartan is an advocate of tools that help us succeed, and weightlifting straps will help.

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Lifting Straps For Bodybuilders

One of the biggest reasons for mishandling or slipping of weights is sweat. Gyms usually have proper air conditioning, but once you break a sweat, the flow of perspiration increases as the routine goes on. Even a one-hour trip to the gym can leave you completely drenched. Having said that, the body part that is the first to catch sweat is the hand. Most of the exercises performed at gym require the use of hands. Apart from the treadmill, the squat, leg press, and a couple others, almost all exercises require the use of hands and palms. So, it is strongly advised by trainers (and also by us at Body Spartan) that gym goers use proper protection to keep the palms sweat free and the grip intact with weight lifting straps.


The stronger the grip, the better lifting you can do. And you don’t want to be limited when your forearms or wrists give out. This product can result in fewer instances of mishandling or accidentally dropping the weights. While people mostly use gloves for weight lifting, there is another product that provides a firmer handling or gripping of the bar – lifting straps! Lifting straps wrap perfectly around the hand and the bar so the lifter can have complete control over their weight lifting exercise. No forearm fatigue! Regardless of the weights, these lifting straps work amazingly to assist the lifter. But, when the weightlifter is using lifting straps for help then it means that he or she is depending on it to provide proper grip at all times. Hence, the straps must be sturdy, firm, padded and big enough to wrap around any hand size and barbell. Though all these features may be difficult to find in regular lifting straps or gloves, the Harbinger Big Grip No-Slip Padded Weight Lifting Straps comes with all these features… and much more.Harbinger weight lifting straps

The fitness company Harbinger needs no introduction. Established in 1988, they are one of the best manufacturers of gym gear. They are continuously innovating and coming up with stronger weightlifting gear regarded as the best in the market. The Harbinger Big Grip No-Slip Padded Weight Lifting Straps is another of their quality products. Once bought, the nylon made Harbinger Lifting Straps would not give up on you anytime soon. They have a sturdy material that helps you lift weights of any amount. No worrying about the strap breaking or slipping!

Moreover, the Dura-Grip rubber which added onto the straps is an advanced feature. It not only helps provide a cushion to the wrist and hand but also gives added strength to the lifter. Body Spartan would like to inform its readers that this is a must while weight lifting. Use sportswear that provides ideal support. If you’re worried about building forearm strength, watch the video above for tips.

While building muscle is great, risking injury and putting undue pressure on your body is not. We would like our followers to use as much supportive gear as possible to make your weightlifting less burdensome on your body. The Harbinger Lifting Straps’ rubber cushion is the one true answer to support when lifting that bar. Plus, the ‘no slip’ feature of the Dura-Grip is an added advantage. The rubber material of the Dura-Grip guarantees no slipping of the weights from the hands. These lifting straps will continue to offer superior assistance and support. More Amazon Product Reviews from Body Spartan.

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Lastly, the size of these straps is 21.5 inches. These are longer than the normal lifting straps. The biggest advantage of long straps is it helps the lifter to wrap around the lifting bar as many times as they want. Normally, a strap is wrapped around the bar at most two times.  With Harbinger Lifting Straps, more wrapping can be done, depending on the size of the hand.

So, here is another of Harbinger’s excellent weightlifting gear which can be your perfect weightlifting friend the next time you head to the gym.

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