How to lose weight

How to lose weight with 4 simple steps

How to lose weight these with these 4 simple steps

Figuring out how to lose weight is one of the number one things Americans have on their minds. It feels like every week a new fad diet or fad workout style surfaces and everyone jumps on the bandwagon but no one ever walks away satisfied. Why? It’s because the fad diets and fad workouts are just that – a fad. They’re a quick way to suck the masses into a scheme on how to lose weight without educating them properly about the truth…which is exactly what we’re about to give you.

How to lose weight, step 1: It starts in your mind

This is quite possibly one of the biggest secrets and most important tactics you will learn in your quest on how to lose weight. Did you know that professional athletes, including professional bodybuilders spend hours visualizing the endgame. For a professional bodybuilder or professional fitness competitor, they will spend several hours a week visualizing what they want their perfect physique to look like. Every single member of Team Body Spartan uses this technique and we recommend you do too.

So how does this relate to you wanting to know how to lose weight? Hang on for the ride because this is where it gets really interesting and we unfold how to apply this trick of the pros.

The University of Ohio published a study where they placed a cast on the wrists of 29 people for four weeks, in an attempt to test how the brain’s cortex plays into strength development. The study and the results were staggering.

Of the group with wrist-hand immobilization, half (14) were asked to regularly perform an imagery exercise, imagining they were intensely contracting their wrist for five seconds and then resting for five seconds. They were verbally guided through the imagery exercise with the following instructions: “Begin imagining that you are pushing in as hard as you can with your left wrist, push, push, push…and stop. (Five-second rest.) Start imagining that you are pushing in again as hard as you can, keep pushing, keep pushing…and stop. (Five-second rest.)” This was repeated four times in a row followed by a one-minute break for a total of 13 rounds per session and five sessions per week. The second group performed no imagery exercises.

At the end of the four-week experiment, both groups who wore casts had lost strength in their immobilized limbs when compared to the control group. But the group that performed mental imagery exercises lost 50% less strength than the non-imaginative group (24 percent vs. 45 percent, respectively). The nervous system’s ability to fully activate the muscle (called “voluntary activation” or VA) also rebounded more quickly in the imagery group compared to the non-imagery group.

This actually proves that your brain has the ability to control the rate at which not only your strength decreased but also how quickly it can increase. So if this works for strength training, why couldn’t you apply it to weight loss? You absolutely can. If you still don’t believe me, let’s take a quick look at the placebo affect.

According to, the placebo effect is defined as:

A remarkable phenomenon in which a placebo — a fake treatment, an inactive substance like sugar, distilled water, or saline solution — can sometimes improve a patient’s condition simply because the person has the expectation that it will be helpful. Expectation to plays a potent role in the placebo effect. The more a person believes they are going to benefit from a treatment, the more likely it is that they will experience a benefit.

Basically, your brain is so powerful that just by thinking a sugar pill is an anti-cancer drug, and truly believing it’s going to cure you of cancer, it has the power to do so. If your brain can do that, imagine what it could do if you truly believed that what you’re learning in this article, regarding how to lose weight, is actually going to cause your body to lose body fat.

Here’s how to lose weight using this technique

Spend some time each day meditating. It doesn’t have to be very long. The study cited above was only about 13 minutes or so. If you spent 10-15 minutes a day meditating and visualizing your perfect body, along with telling yourself that the program you are using to lose weight is going to work, your brain will believe it and your results will be exponentially greater.

How to lose weight, step 2: Cardio

What most people don’t fully understand is that diet alone isn’t enough to lose weight and keep it off. While you will see some results, to maximize your weight loss and to help keep it off, you should couple your diet with cardiovascular exercise. Our absolute top pick for incinerating body fat, is a method called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT Training). It utilizes both aerobic and anaerobic exercise to maximize body fat reduction.

The short and simple is to get pick an exercise that you enjoy for cardio. This could be the stationary bike, the elliptical training, a treadmill, the stair climber or stair mill, or even running. Now, take about 2 minutes to get your body warmed up. Perform the cardio exercise of your choice at a moderate pace. Usually at about the 2 minute mark, you should feel pretty warm. At that point, increase your pace to about 50-60% of your maximum. This would be similar to a jog VS a sprint, where the all-out-sprint is your maximum effort.

From this point on you will then do interval training. You will pick an interval of time, such as 30 seconds and rotate between your 90% maximum effort (sprint) and your 50-60% effort (jog) for the remainder of your cardio session. As your body begins to adapt to this and you feel like it is becoming easier and easier, you can increase your total cardio session time and/or increase your maximum effort interval time. So your sprint could go from 30 seconds to 45 seconds and keep your 50%-60% effort interval at the standard 30 seconds.

The goal is to reach a total time of 20 minutes of cardio. That’s it. You don’t need to do an hour of cardio exercise to see great results. You just have to use HIIT training to maximize fat burning and then do this a minimum of 3 days a week. If you can do more, do more. We typically recommend up to 6 days a week, taking one day off to fully recover.

How to lose weight, step 3: Change your workout routine

How to lose weight fast

It’s really as simple as it sounds. We told you that our How To Lose Weight steps were simple, and we meant it. So change your workout routine up. You can try any of these items below or even combine some of them

  • change the exercises
  • change the total number of reps per sets
  • change the total number of sets
  • do drop sets, super sets, and/or giant sets
  • do your standard workout exercise in reverse order
  • pre-exhaust your muscles by saving the compound movements for the end

The goal here is to make the workout difficult for you once again and to shock your muscles. You have to continuously change what you’re doing to keep your body guessing. The human body is an amazingly adaptive machine. In the game of how to lose weight fast, if you change your routine continuously, you will gain more muscle mass, which in turn helps to raise your metabolism and – you guessed it – burn more body fat.

You can also change your style of training. We recommend three different types of training styles: strength training, mass training, and endurance training.

How to lose weight, step 4: Dial in your nutrition

Everyone’s definition of “eating healthy” is different. You’ll here people on Facebook and social media all the time say things like, “Just eat healthy and exercise – it’s easy.” Or my favorite is, “You don’t need a workout program, just eat healthy, go to the gym, and get a good protein powder.” If either of these statements worked, people wouldn’t be flooding our inbox with questions about how to eat to lose weight and you probably wouldn’t be reading this article.

The truth is, everyone’s body is different and therefore, your diet is going to need some customization. There’s a lot of different ways to dial in your nutrition but we feel that the best one is to have a licensed sports nutritionist do it for you. Everyone will have their own method and formula for calculating your macros and your calories. Macros are your total amounts of protein, carbs, and fats, per meal. If you know your macros per meal, suddenly eating to lose weight is no longer a mystery. You simply portion out your food accordingly so that you have a certain amount of protein, carbs, and fats per meal. You can even eat out as long as you know about how much of each is in the meal you’re going to have. By law, all restaurants are required to have nutritional information available for anyone that asks. If you ask for it, the restaurant should be able to provide it to you.

How to lose weight with nutrition

Our personal favorite nutrition plan for losing weight

We, as bodybuilders and fitness competitors, have an affinity towards a diet called a, “keto diet”. In essence, on this diet, your body will learn to burn fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. For a good portion of the week you will go with very low carbs, high protein and high fats. The healthy fats you will ingest on this nutrition plan will be processed and burned as fuel. Once your body gets into ketosis, you will have a steady stream of energy and won’t experience the insulin spikes and energy crashes you get from ingesting carbs. Additionally, when you couple this nutrition plan with steps 1-3 above, the body fat will melt away at an amazing rate.

Figuring out your macros for this diet can be complicated, if you don’t know what you’re doing, or if you don’t have a licensed sports nutritionist to figure them out for you. Luckily we have one on staff and our Genesis program has a very easy to use calculator that asks you for you height, weight, age, sex, and goal weight, and then will calculate your daily macros for you.

Yes, it’s that easy.

BONUS STEP for How To Lose Weight

So now that you have the four easy to follow steps and secrets to lose weight fast, we have one more that will put them all together for you. Imagine that you had a workout plan that was completely laid out for you and included steps 1-4. The plan would include motivation and visualization techniques, it would include workouts that rotate and change frequently, it would include a full nutrition plan that has a calculator for a keto diet…

Well guess what? We have that.

Our Body Spartan: Genesis Program is designed to incinerate body fat and help you gain lean muscle in the process. Designed for both men and women AND for all levels of experience (even beginners), this program takes all the guesswork out of the “how to lose weight” question.

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How to lose weight fast with Body Spartan Genesis

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How to lose weight with 4 simple steps
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