Insane shoulder workout

Best shoulder workout

Team Body Spartan gets some fresh meat for this hour and a half shoulder workout.

Packed with both compound movements and accessory exercises, this shoulder workout will push you beyond your limit – if you do it right.


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Get the right gear for your shoulder workout

If you’re going to be doing standing overhead presses like we did, you’ll want to ensure that you have a weight belt to help stabilize your core. A slight slip or wrong movement can cause a painful injury to the lower back. Also, wrist supports are helpful if you have any issues with your wrists.

And of course, you want the staple supplements. You gotta have your creatine and a solid pre-workout. Both of these are linked below in for you. We’re always striving to bring you the best deals on quality products, which is why we link these for you here.

Shoulder Workout Gear & Supplements


The rest of the shoulder workout is below, but first have a look at our Shredding Programs!

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Modified Standing Overhead Shoulder Press

Shoulder workout overhead press


For this press we will count one rep as one rep to the front and one rep behind the head. When doing the rep behind the head, we were careful to stop around the 90 degree mark for our range of motion. Going any lower than that can be a cause of injury to the shoulders. Use good judgement when performing this movement. Also, you’ll need to pick a weight that is lighter than usual since we are starting with 20 modified reps. Remember, the total reps is DOUBLE THAT! One to the front and one to the back is one rep in the set. Also, you’ll want to increase the weight with each set to get the most out of this shoulder workout exercise.

Set Drop set Reps Rest
1 No 20 2 minutes
2 No 15 2 minutes
3 No 12 2 minutes
4 No 8-10 2 minutes

Modified Standing Raises

Shoulder workout front raises


For this shoulder workout exercise, you will do your first part of the set starting with a side lateral raise and then a front lateral raise. The combination of both of those will be one rep. Then, when you’ve hit the number of reps listed below for the first part of the set, you will do double front raises to failure. THEN, you will continue doing front raises to failure again, except this time they will be single arm raises. That will allow your shoulders to have a slight rest in between reps and allow you to fully exhaust the front delt. On set four, you will do all your side raises first, then your front raises second. You may want to drop the weight so that you can get all the reps.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 Side & front/front double/front single 20/10/5 each arm 2 minutes
2 Side & front/front double/front single 15/6-8/5 each arm 2 minutes
3 Side & front/front double/front single 12/6-8/5 each arm 2 minutes
4 Sides/fronts 15/15 2 minutes

Wide Grip Upright Rows Super Set with Push-ups

Shoulders wide grip rows

Grab a wide grip on the barbell for this part of the shoulder workout. We tend to put our hand on the index lines of the barbell, just like a bench press grip. This wide grip will target mostly the medial delts. When you pull, pull out and up. Try to avoid doing a sort of bent-over row and engaging your lats. You want to pull with the shoulders to do this correctly. Then, you will super set immediately with flared arm push-ups. We did them on our knuckles but that’s totally up to you. We promise we won’t judge you if you do them the standard way – yes we will 😉

Also, just like the other exercises, make sure you notch up the weight a little each set.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 Raises/push-ups 20/20+ 2 minutes
2 Raises/push-ups 18/20+ 2 minutes
3 Raises/push-ups 16/20+ 2 minutes
4 Raises/push-ups 12-14/20+ 2 minutes

Rear Delt Reapers

Rear delt reaper set 1

Rear delt reaper set 2

Rear delt reaper set 3


This nasty set is a triple set consisting of face pulls with your hands over the rope and your thumbs facing down, straight arm pulls with the rope using your rear delts to pull, and finally overhead pulls with your thumbs pointing up. So switch your grip on the last part of the set and pull the rope above and behind your head as far as possible. Try not to use your body to jerk or pull on any of these movements. They are highly concentrated on the rear delts if you isolate the motion properly.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 Face pulls/straight arm pulls, overhead pulls 15/15/15 2 minutes
2 Face pulls/straight arm pulls, overhead pulls 15/15/15 2 minutes
3 Face pulls/straight arm pulls, overhead pulls 15/15/15 2 minutes



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