Inside Body Beast: One of the best workout routines for men and women

Workout routines for men by Body Spartan

After cracking open Body Beast, I’m positive it could be one of the best workout routines for men…and women that I’ve seen in a while.

Workout routines for menSo I got my Body Beast package this week and opened it up.  I was shocked at not only how big the box was but also at how much stuff was crammed inside. I instantly knew I was getting my money’s worth for this challenge pack. Of all the workout routines for men that I have purchased over the years, this has to be the most complete. It came with EVERYTHING.  Here’s what’s in the package:

  • Body Beast Manual including nutrition plan and recipes
  • Body Beast Workout Schedule with options for “Lean Beast” and “Bulk Beast”
  • Full DVD set
  • Bonus DVD workout
  • Base shake (protein shake and meal replacement)
  • Fuel shot – carb up and get energy
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Super Suma – naturally increases testosterone and is 100% chemical free
  • A coaching booklet to track my progress

The Manual

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, I immediately started to dive into the manual.  From the first page it was motivating and inspiring and I couldn’t put it down. Beach Body has gone so far as to include a very specific macro nutrient diet with calculations for your carbs, protein, and fats for each of the three phases of this workout plan: Build, Bulk, and Beast.  These calculations take a tiny bit of number crunching so I instantly created an Excel spreadsheet for them.  For those in my challenge group, I have made this file available to them to save them the 10 minutes of figuring out the equations.  It should only take about 60 seconds now.

Once you’ve figured out your macros, then it’s on to the portions charts that are separated by your allowable calories.  It’s really pretty amazing how they did this.  Each food type is accompanied by a number.  Then you flip the page and they have a chart that lists a single serving size for that food.  So if you were eating almonds it would list how many cups you would get (or fraction) for one single serving and multiply it by the number in your portions chart.  It’s simply, fast, and it works.

After that comes the plethora of recipes in the back of the book.  As Sagi (the program designer says),

“Nutrition in NOT 50% of the program, it’s 100% of the program.”

For either a men’s workout routine or a woman’s workout routine, this couldn’t be more true.  Nutrition is key to success for any fitness program.

Bodybuilding workoutsThe workout DVDs

I had already printed out the workout sheets thinking I didn’t need the DVD’s.  Man was I wrong.  One look at the sheets and I was lost. I’m glad it worked out that way though. For this workout routine you NEED to watch the DVDs.  Sagi goes through each exercise and explains how to (1) use proper form (2) substitute bands, stability balls, or benches depending on your set up, and (3) get the most out of his dynamic set training.  The dynamic set training is a combination of drop sets, super sets, and giant sets. I did the chest workout this week and it was no joke.  The Body Beast program focuses on time under tension for the muscles and aims for 40-70 seconds on each set.  That alone will cause you to grow! Add in the carefully selected order in which these exercises are performed and you have yourself a fat incinerating and muscle growing combination.

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