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A special look at what it’s like to train along side Team Body Spartan

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Training shoulders with Team Body SpartanTeam Body Spartan Founder, Gabe Tuft, and Brand Ambassador, Brandon Griffith, acquiesce the request of Ronnie Connant to put him through a shoulder workout. While many ask, there’s only a small handful that are selected to workout with the Body Spartans. It takes heart, a focused mind, and the will to push yourself beyond what you thought was possible. If you workout with the Body Spartans, you will find out exactly what you are made of and exactly how hard you are willing to push your mind and body.

The video below highlights some of the more grueling moments of the workout. While the weight may seem light in some of the scenes, keep in mind a few things:

  1. Ronnie is only 21 and this is his first time training as if he were training for a competition.
  2. The entire workout consists of little of no rest in between sets, drop sets and giant sets (4 or more exercises comprising one set), and high reps (12-30 reps on all exercises).

Warning: Explicit language

Team Body Spartan Shoulder Workout

Below is the full workout that Gabe and Brandon put Ronnie though. Do NOT attempt this workout unless you are willing to be put through a grueling two hours of shoulder bursting insanity.

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

To maximize tension on the shoulder muscle during this exercise, lower the weights as far as you can (past the 90 degree mark) and then press the straight up. Pretend as if they were a barbell, rather than dumbbells. For this shoulder workout, we’re going to avoid bringing the dumbbells together and touching the weights at the top. This takes the stress off of the deltoids and uses the triceps instead. By performing a “soft lock” at the top (not fully locking your elbows), you’ll maximize the tension on the deltoids as well. These two tweaks will ensure you work harder than you have before.

Set Drop Set Reps Weight Rest
1 No 20 40 lbs 1 minute
2 No 15 80 lbs 1 minute
3 No 12 100 lbs 1.5 minutes
4 No 10 110 lbs 1.5 minutes
 5 Yes 8 110 lbs None
Yes 15 70 lbs None
Yes 15 45 lbs None


Seated dumbbell lateral raises

Refer to the tip from Gabe in the video below when you do these.

Set Drop Set Reps Weight Rest
1 No 15 35 lbs 1 minute
2 No 15 40 lbs 1 minute
3 No 15 45 lbs 1.5 minutes
4 No 15 45 lbs 1.5 minutes
 5 Yes 15 45 lbs None
Yes 15 30 lbs None
Yes 15 20 lbs None


The Body Spartan Shoulder Giant Set

Four exercises in the circuit. No rest in between exercises or at the end of each circuit, except for walking to the next exercise.

Repeat this circuit four times

Set Exercise Reps Weight Rest
1-4 Barbell front raise 15-20 85 lbs None
Seated Hammer Strength Press (reverse) 15 2 plates None
Dumbbell front raises (simultaneous) 15 40 lbs None
Arnold Press 15 65 lbs None


Ultra wide-grip bent over barbell rows super set with rear delt cable crosses

Grab the barbell as wide as you possibly can and pull, flaring your elbows forward to recruit the rear delts. If your elbows aren’t nearly perpendicular to your spine, you’re using more of your lats than your rear delts.

Set Super Set Reps Weight Rest
1-4 Yes 15 185 lbs None
Yes 20 50 lbs 1 minute


Plate tri-set

Grab a 45 lb plate and perform the exercises below with no rest in between sets. The front raises should be performed so that you hold the plate by the hand holes with your thumbs facing up (supinated). Raise the plate like you’re doing a front raise. At the top of the movement, “turn the wheel” to the left and then lower the weight. On the next rep, just do a regular front raise. On the third rep, “turn the wheel” to the right at the top of the movement. Repeat this pattern for the entire set.

The overhead press can be seen in the video at the top of the page. Same with the push motion of the set. Finally, for the upright row, grab one of the hand holes on the 45 lbs plate with both hands and perform a standard upright row.

Repeat this circuit 2 times

Set Exercise Reps Weight Rest
1 Plate upright row 20-30 45 lb plate None
Plate overhead press 20-30 45 lb plate None
Plate push press 20-30 45 lb plate 1 minute


If you survive, tag us in your shoulder workout video

We want you to experience what Ronnie experienced and know exactly how hard he worked. Adjust the weight for your level of experience as we did with Ronnie and tag us in your videos! OR comment below and let us know your thoughts.


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