Inside look at training with the Body Spartans: Part 2, Legs

Think you have what it takes to train with the Body Spartans on leg day?

In this no B.S. leg workout, Ronnie Connant gets the opportunity to come back and train with the Body Spartans one more time. Gabe Tuft, the founder of Body Spartan, says,

“Anyone can lift weights and train their upper body. You truly find out on leg day if a guy is forged from molten steel…or if he’s just a plastic toy that will snap under pressure. We’ve trained females on leg days that have had more drive and will power than most of the guys we put through the ringer. It’s literally a test of how strong your mind is and how hard you’re willing to push yourself”


Gabe’s right. A serious, high volume leg workout is not for the faint of heart. These are the days when most people walk over to the garbage can and puke their pre-workout meal up. If they have what it takes, they come back for more. If not, we show them the door.


Leg workout with quad extensions

Team Body Spartan High Volume Leg Workout

Below is the full workout that Gabe and Howard Perry put Ronnie though. This is one that will leave you with a week’s worth of DOMS so look out. Be prepared to give your soul to the iron on this leg workout.

Front Squats

Proper form on front squats is to create a shelf with your delts and allow the bar to rest there. By keeping your core tight and your back straight, you can then keep your elbows up and the bar should stay locked on the “shelf”. You should basically feel like you’re about to be choked by the bar.


Front squats for leg workouts
Leg workouts and front squats


Set Super Set Reps Weight Rest
1 No 20 135 lbs 1 minute
2 No 15 155 lbs 1 minute
3 No 15 185 lbs 1.5 minutes
4 No 15 205 lbs 1.5 minutes
 5 No 15 225 lbs 1.5 minutes
 6 No 10 315 lbs 1.5 minutes
 7 No 10 315 lbs 1.5 minutes
8 No 10 315 lbs 1.5 minutes
 9 No 12 225 lbs 1.5 minutes
 10 No 15 135 lbs 1.5 minutes

Seated quad leg extensions

No secrets here. Just make sure that you lower the weight as far as possible. In the video you’ll here Gabe yelling at Ronnie, “Lower! Lower!”. As the lactic acid burn picks up around 12-15 reps, you’ll be temped to do partial reps. Don’t do it. Keep your mind focused, have your training partner work you through the last few reps, or turn the set into a drop set and finish the reps.

Leg extensions for quad workouts

Set Super Set Reps Weight Rest
1 No 20 205 lbs 1 minute
2 No 20 265 lbs 1 minute
3 No 20 285 lbs 1.5 minutes
4 No 20 295 lbs 1.5 minutes

Barbell Lunges

Step almost inline and keep your toes pointed straight ahead. Keep your chest up, back straight and sit into the lunge. Many people will lean forward and use their back leg to assist. This also takes the stress off of the glutes and hamstrings and you’re recruiting more of your quad. That’s not the goal here. We want to build the separation between quads and hamstrings while boosting that adductor sweep (inner thigh).

Set Super Set Reps Weight Rest
1 No 30 steps 135 lbs 1 minute
2 No 30 steps 185 lbs 1 minute
3 No 30 steps 225 lbs 1 minute
4 No 30 steps 225 lbs 1 minute

Adductor machine

If you want tree trunks, then use this machine. No, it’s not just for girls.

Set Super Set Reps Weight Rest
1 No 40 70 lbs 1 minute
2 No 40 90 lbs 1 minute
3 No 40 110 lbs 1 minute
4 No 40 130 lbs 1 minute

Seated quad leg extensions – again

Go back and hit those quads again. Volume, volume, volume.

Set Super Set Reps Weight Rest
1 No 20 205 lbs 1 minute
2 No 20 205 lbs 1 minute
3 No 20 185 lbs 1 minute
4 No 20 165 lbs 1 minute

If you’re legs aren’t dead and you’re not doing the duck walk at this point, then you’re the incredible hulk. Your delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) should be a good gauge of exactly how hard you worked. Remember, there are no shortcuts in bodybuilding. You HAVE to look the pain head on and tell yourself that you will conquer it. You must become acquainted with the burn and the pain and overcome it. You are in control.

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