Is Your “Upper Limit” Hiding Your 6 Pack Abs or 7 Figure Income

Priscilla Tuft has a six pack secret

An upper limit can be in the area fitness, finance, business, spiritual, or emotional. It is set up by your subconscious mind as a protection mechanism to keep you in your “comfort zone” but also paralyses you from achieving your BIG DREAMS.

You know that feeling when EVERYTHING is going AWESOME!!!! Workouts are on point, your fitness level is at an all time high, business is crankin, and marriage is epic then BOOM- NADA! Then it actually starts going in reverse. Out of frustration your brain is cluttered and all momentum in your life comes to a screeching halt. All you want to do is go on a sugar binge and find yourself the next morning drenched in capri sun lying face down in an empty plate of double chocolate brownies?!
I consider this a “worthiness” issue. Maybe you don’t believe deep in your heart that you deserve to be at your goal weight or maybe you’re scared. Maybe you are secretly afraid that business success would take away time that you want to be with your family or lead you down a bad path with the inflow of new money. Whatever that underlying “belief” is, the UPPER LIMIT is your subconscious STOPPING progress.

I hit my limit yesterday!

Yesterday I hit complete mental breakdown. I couldn’t even text my husband back to tell him what kind of veggies we needed for date night dinner. My mind was so flustered and sooooo broken down that I was paralyzed in analysis. In resistance I FOUGHT my mind for compliance. “Come on brain, WORK!” I absolutely could not get cooperation. This was my sign to STOP! Yet I felt too DRIVEN to stop but it is the only solution to clear the clutter.

So here’s what I did next:

Priscilla Tuft's six pack abs secrets

  • I took the time to shut off my computer, push ALL stress out and deny responsibilities for at least 15 minutes with prayer and meditation. As l laid down with my eyes closed, breathing deeply, important tasks kept coming into my head. I imagined my worries taking flight and drifting off with the clouds. I refused to indulge a single one of them for 15 minutes straight!
  • During this time I refused to let myself “judge”… yes…JUDGE. I was holding myself to a standard that was unreasonable then wagging my finger when I did not accomplish the tasks that I had laid out. I made up my mind to “JUDGE NOT”. Just like I FORGIVE others I must forgive myself.
    I jotted down tasks to do “later” and found a place of PEACE by TRUSTING God that they would ALL work out whether I accomplished them IMMEDIATELY or not at all.
  • Next I gave myself total permission to relax with my husband for the ENTIRE NIGHT. Zero computer time, zero responsibilities and zero self-judgement.
    I rescheduled appointments. Released myself from guilt and totally indulged in healing, coziness and every guilty pleasure I could think of.
    I emotionally and energetically celebrated by giving myself permission to relish in a series of non-productive, silly and frivolous things.


priscilla-TUFTNow that my brain was clear it was time to BUST THROUGH this upper limit!

Step 1: Recognize that “upper limit” issues are NORMAL for any passionate and driven person who dreams big. Realize that this will happen over and over again in your life whenever you are committed to expanding a level of your fitness, wealth, love and happiness. If you are REALLY committed then hold on tight for the ride, this too shall pass and it will all be worth it!!

Step 2: Recognize that you are WORTHY of accomplishing your fitness, financial and spiritual goals. Increase your tolerance for progress in these areas and call a spade a spade when you catch yourself “sabotaging” success.

Step 3: Go on high ULP (upper limit problem) alert when loads of good stuff starts to come your way. Pay special attention to your thoughts, behaviors and actions when things in your business and life start getting OMG good. Here’s a question to regularly ask yourself, “How much wealth, fat loss, love and happiness am I r-e-a-l-l-y willing to have?”


If you catch yourself about to start an argument, go into some manufactured mental drama or make a royally stupid and rash business decision – stop. Take a few deep breaths. Pray, meditate, take deep breaths call your most grounded friend and have a positive chat about how to break through.
Remember, any time you’re in the midst of busting through your own upper limits, it’s bound to be a little scary and uncomfortable. You may want to pull back and contract.
Don’t. Hang with the discomfort. It’s a good sign. If a SIX pack, a SIX figure income or a powerful relationship with God was “comfortable” to attain… then everyone would have it!
Hitting your upper limit just means you’ve just increased your capacity to experience wealth, happiness, fitness and love – both for yourself and for us all.

Got thoughts on this one? Ever have an upper limit problem yourself? A story about how you’ve overcome it? I’d love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment below. xoxo Priscilla

If you are ready to breakthrough your UPPER LIMIT  I want to hear from you so we can do it together!

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