JTG’s Favorite Workout for Defined Deltoids

Body Spartan - WWE Superstar Jayson JTG Paul - Workout for Defined Deltoids

Jayson "JTG" Paul Has a Great Deltoid Workout for YouWho is ready to get some defined deltoids?

What’s up Body Spartans?  Today I am going to talk to you about getting some defined deltoids.  If it is shoulder day or deltoid day is coming soon, I have the perfect deltoid workout for you!

I call this workout “hold and slow.”

Hold and slow requires a pair of free weight dumbbells (lightweight) and A LOT of patience.  When I do this workout, I usually use 20lb free weight dumbbells.  In my first routine, I target my side deltoids by performing slow side lateral raises and then I hold them at the very top for two seconds.  Do 12 repetitions of this workout in 3 sets.

For the next part, we will be using the same hold and slow method but now targeting your front deltoids by performing front lateral raises.  Again, we want to go slow and hold it for two seconds once we hit the top position. Do 12 reps of this workout in 3 sets.

Last but most certainly not least, we are going to target your rear deltoids by performing rear deltoid raises.  Can you guess how we are going to raise them?  If you guessed slow and then holding your top position, YOU WERE RIGHT!  Once again, do 12 reps of this workout in 3 sets.

If you incorporate the hold and slow method into your deltoid workout once a week, try to fluctuate the weight and how long you hold on in the top position.  You don’t want your muscles getting use to the weight.

Give my old hold and slow method a shot, and tweet me at @JTG1284 to let me know if you’re feeling the burn!  If you’re not, then just keep pushing forwards until you can feel the burn.  As I am sure you have heard people say, “No pain, no gain!”



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