JTG’s Playlist – Workout songs to boost your motivation

workout songs to increase your gym motivation

workout songs for the gym

I have come to discover over the years and throughout my experience working out, a great playlist with great workout songs during training is an invaluable asset.

Great music can definitely increase your motivation, thereby allowing you to increase your reps. Studies have shown that music can increase strength by distracting your attention and pushing your heart and muscles to work at a faster pace. My playlist with epic workout songs during my workouts has definitely helped improve my strength and endurance. I know Reks just covered this a few days ago but the importance of solid music during training can’t be stressed enough. Having another perspective on music selection from another team member will help expand your choices. Below, I will share my personal playlist with my fellow Body Spartans! I hope it will help to encourage and inspire you all to dig deeper!

My top ten training songs, listed from #10 to #1 are:

10) Fresh Azimiz – Bow Wow

9) Function – E-40

8) I Get Money – 50 Cent

7) You Don’t Know Me – T.I.

6) Elevator – Flo Rida

5) Hypnotize – B.I.G.

4) Till I Collapse – Eminem ft. Nate Dogg

3) Hate Me Now – Nas ft. P. Diddy (currently known as “Puff Daddy”)

2) All Of The Above – Maino ft. T-Pain

1) Eye of the Tiger – Rocky Sound Track

I like to have two different gym playlists to choose from. I alternate between my gym playlists with different workout songs so that I don’t get tired of hearing the same tracks over, and over, and over. It gets boring if you don’t mix it up a little bit and have some fun. Something that is important to remember is that your playlist in the gym is as unique as you are! When you’re choosing music for your gym playlist, feel free to borrow some (or all) of the things listed on mine. Just remember that you want to choose the music that will move YOU!

Good luck!


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