JTG’s secret workout for building big biceps

Serious bicep workout

Serious bicep workoutHello Body Spartans!  In this blog I will be discussing and showing you another arm workout that is guaranteed to grow help you achieve those big biceps. I know some of you are saying ” another arm routine JTG ? ” and I say YES ! I love unique arm workouts that get results and more importantly, I love sharing them.

For this workout you will again need the armblaster which is a must for any bicep enthusiasts. The armblaster supports proper form and puts all the focus on the bicep, rather than recruiting your pecs or your front delts. This routine requires low weight because we’re going to be doing high reps on each set. I personally use anywhere from 40lbs to 60lbs for this workout. You’ll need to find a weight that your comfortable with and be prepared – you will be doing 30 to 36 reps with an EZ curl bar.

Now, we’re not just lifting the curl bar the typical way most people are accustomed to lifting it.  What will be so unique about that? Nothing. What I’ll be showing you are three different ways to raise the bar and combine them into one set.

Build big biceps with this workoutThe first range of motion

The first way to curl the bar is from your thigh to the midpoint of your body.  So start at the fully extended position and curl until your upper arm and forearm create a 90 degree angle. The example photos shown here should help you visualize this. Do 12 reps with no rest.

The second range of motion

Next, curl the bar from the midpoint of your body to your chest and do 12 reps. So you will start at the 90 degree angle between your forearm and upper arm and then curl the bar to the fully contracted position at your chest. Do not rest in between this range of motion and the next one.

The final range of motion

Use the arm blaster to build huge biceps

Last but not least curl the bar from your thigh to your chest for 12 reps.  This is a full range of motion and a standard bicep curl at this point.

BREAK ! And a well deserved one.

I usually do 3 sets of this work out and take a 90 second rest in between. I haven’t named this workout yet, so if any of you Body Spartans out there have a cool name for this workout, I’m all ears.  Submit your ideas to me on Twitter at @JTG1284.  If we use the name for the workout, we’ll feature you on the site!

 Get the arm blaster for this workout

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