Mika Rotunda’s Story

Mika Rotunda's weight loss story

Mika Rotunda People MagazineThe daughter of WWE Legend Mike Rotunda and sister of WWE Superstars Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas tells her incredible weight loss story.

Ninth grade. 15 years old. 237 Pounds. I was ordering my clothes offline because they no longer had my size in the stores.

Once I ordered a pair of size 20 pants from American Eagle and couldn’t button them.  I have my, “AHHAH!” moment. I told my parents and myself it was time to get healthy and look on the outside how I felt on the inside. Coming from a family of Sports Entertainers (WWE) they knew exactly how it felt to be hindered by my weight and were 100 percent on board to help me achieve my goals.

Vividly, I can put myself back in my kitchen opening the cabinets and throwing away every ounce of garbage food that should never have been in my body. My motivation to “become my vision,” came from a few different elements. Number one was the fact that I was uncomfortable. Number two I wanted to be healthy; I have always been an athlete, super involved with extra curricular activities, was a happy and beautiful young girl and had basically everything in the world going for me. The only thing that was ever holding me back was the fact that I was overweight. Therefore my greatest motivation came from within; a purpose to fulfill my life with energy, health and happiness for as long as I lived. I wanted to be strong for God and be able to achieve anything he has planned for my future. Here I am. Never looking back. Are you ready to become YOUR OWN VISION and NEVER LOOK BACK!Mika Rotunda is a team body spartan member

Angst was never an emotion I felt, but embarrassment came as I got older. Growing up in a home with built bodies, friends who were all beautiful and active… This sudden sense of realization that I was larger than everyone else began to bother me. Ordering clothes, running the slowest, working twice as hard in athletics and trying to find ways to hide my unflattering tummy became a nuisance in my daily life. This wasn’t okay and I could not continue on my path; change needed to occur and despite knowing where to begin I knew that my future wasn’t filled with health issues like obesity or heart disease. I was strong then, a girl after God’s own heart and he heard my prayer! Then I took the first step…. Where2nextMika


Can you relate to this? Are you wondering what is the first step to take?

Well that is why I want to extend my hand out to you and help. Here and now. I will be starting a PRIVATE online Facebook accountability group where I will personally coach 5 women to accomplish their goals. Becoming their own visions into reality. That’s 5 women for a 21 day challenge to hold your hand through a step by step process of transforming your life. Beginning this journey all starts with a decision to try. If this is you. Private message me on Facebook now. My hand is extended; grasp it and never look back!


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