Mixed challenge group with Gabe Tuft starts December 1st!

Gabe-Tuft-before-after-564WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE?

When I was just 18 years old, I chose to make a difference in my life. I decided that my life’s path would make a turn and that I would be something and someone different that where I was headed. So, I cut out all of the fast food, soda, candy, and poison I put into my body. I chose to live a healthy and positive lifestyle and to give 100% to all things positive. I joined the very first Body For Life Fitness Transformation ever and ended up in the 92 percentile out of 54,000 people.

Many of you know that I am now helping others transform their physiques…and their lives. I’ve seen incredible results in the last two months from my fitness challenge groups. Men and women have lost incredible amounts of weight, changed their eating habits, are chasing their dreams and living happier, healthier lives – all from just 30 days of dedication.

I’m starting a brand new fitness challenge group that kicks off Monday after Thanksgiving (December 1, 2014). Pre-season will begin the week of Thanksgiving to help get everyone’s minds prepared. This 30 day journey has changed the course of many lives over the last two months.

If you choose “YES” and and want to begin a fitness transformation, I will coach you and 4 others for 30 days in this incredible, life changing journey.

5 spots…

30 days…

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This moment has the power to change your life forever.

If you are one of these 5, take 3 minutes and fill out this short questionnaire below. It’s your chance to tell me why you want to change. I read every one and will chose 5 people for this challenge group. Don’t wait another day to change your life’s path.

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