Motivation for Squats

Motivation for squats

Motivation for squats with Rob MorrisFind your motivation for squats right here

In the video below, Team Body Spartan Member Rob Morris, peaks out on his 3’s day with 540lbs. Rob is preparing for his first powerlifting competition and is just three weeks out. He is competing in the men’s heavyweight, natural division. No drugs. Just lots of hard work and dedication.

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While not Rob’s heaviest squat to date, this is still an amazing motivation tool for anyone who wants to squat heavier than they already do. Rob has consistently squatted a one rep max of 600 lbs and is shooting to break that personal record (PR) in the near future.  Hopefully at his upcoming competition.  As far as motivation goes, I’ve watched Rob on days when he’s woke up at 4:00am to get to work, moved refrigerators all day, and then drug his butt to the gym to squat. He’s tired, he’s worn out but for the next hour he gave everything he had to the workout session.  On top of that, there are many nights when Rob works as head of security at a local night club, works the following day as well and STILL makes it to the gym.

Champions keep pushing even when there’s nothing left in the tank. Rob, whether he has won any titles or not yet, is a champion. Squats are one of his strong points, yes. However, he puts in just as much effort with every other major lift. Rob’s current motivation for squats is his upcoming powerlifting competition. What’s yours? Do you have a weight that you simply want to squat? Do you want well-built quads, hamstrings, and glutes? Are you looking for an intense exercise that works more than just your legs? Find your motivation for squats and don’t quit until you cross the finish line!

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