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T-Volve, our all natural testosterone booster, is helping push the limits of natural bodybuildingT-Volve Natural Testosterone Booster

Body Spartan has released it’s own line of supplements that includes a natural testosterone booster, T-Volve. Formulated right here at Body Spartan headquarters, this supplement is turning average gym goers into beasts. Anthony Scalercio, an avid follower of Body Spartan, had this to say about the product:

“Just wanted to give a huge thanks to Gabe Tuft and Body Spartan for the hook up! I have been waiting for the release of these to give my shout out. I have been using T-Volve and Xiphos now for about two weeks. From the first day of taking Xiphos I thought my arms were going explode. My stamina in the gym has increased more than I ever thought. I have taken just about every PWO there is have grown a major tolerance. I now stack both of these with my PWO and have splitting pumps and crazy energy without any crash. An hour and half to two hours in the gym feels like nothing now. I have a hectic schedule with work and a newborn now and supplementing these in my diet have been a tremendous help. Can’t wait to see how my lifts increase by the end of the stack.”

So what’s the secret to our testosterone booster?

It’s simple, the right ingredients, in the right amounts, deployed at the right time. It’s engineered to deliver, what we believe to be, some of the most powerful test boosting supplements on the market today. The main ingredient is tribulus terrestris, which has been shown to increase LH production. This is Luteinizing Hormone, which stimulates the testes to create more testosterone. Other all natural ingredients include diindolylmethane, eurycoma longifolia jack, gamma oryzanol, and chrysin.

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What’s the best time to take testosterone boosters?

We recommend taking T-Volve, all natural testosterone booster, approximately 30-60 minutes before your workout. This will allow the supplement to digest and get into your blood stream so you feel the full effects while working out. Additionally, we recommend taking your second dose immediately before bed. Since we do most of our muscle repair while we sleep, having elevated testosterone levels during this time will assist tremendously with muscle growth and repair.

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Muscle building stacks

>Xiphos muscle pump formula

At Body Spartan, every one of our athletes believes in “chasing the pump” to build muscle. With that in mind, we developed the perfect stack for T-Volve. This is our muscle pump formula, Xiphos. The Xiphos was a short sword that was the secondary weapon of the spartans. Think of this as part of your arsenal. With three different types of L-argenine, you’re in for some skin stretching pumps. Stack this with the T-Volve and any of our high volume workouts from the website or our programs for an amazing muscle building stack that truly pushes the boundaries of natural bodybuilding.

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