“Not a Walk in the Park” Leg Shredding Workout

Not a walk in the park leg workout

Eren and Priscilla take their booty building outside of the gym!.

Body Spartans two Matriarchs are at it again, this time taking the the gains outside. Get ready for some vitamin D. This leg shredding workout will put you in shape just in time for summer.

Single Leg Romanian Dead Lifts:

Single leg romanian dead lift

Grab a kettle bell or dumbbell and hold the weight in front of you, making sure to keep the arms loose. Now you will extend one leg back, causing you to balance on one leg.  You will then begin to bend over, lowering the weight to your foot, while trying NOT to bend at the knee. Make sure to keep the weight tight to the body. Feel the stretch in the hamstring and glutes, no need to over extend. Control the movement as you come back to the upright position.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 20/20 1 minute
2 No 20/20 1 minute
3 No 20/20 1 minute

Bulgarian Squats:

bulgarian squats leg shredding workouts

Since you’re having so much fun with single leg work it’s time to turn up the fuego with some Bulgarian squats. Start by grabbing 2 dumbbells or plates. From here you will place one leg up on a bench or have your partner hold on tight while you go into a deep lunge. Make sure that the weights are at your sides, torso is tall and upright and knees do not extend past the toes as you sit down into a squat. Make sure the weight stays close to the body and the core is tight. Focus on exploding through the quads keeping most of the focus on the front side of your legs.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 20/20 1 minute
2 No 20/20 1 minute
3 No 20/20 1 minute

Romanian dead lift:

Romanian dead lift

Lay your barbell flat on the ground and place yourself behind it with your feet shoulder length apart. Squat down and grab the bar just outside your feet. Keeping the back strait and core tight, stand up into the upright position. From here you will lower the bar back down towards your feet by hinging at the hips and keeping your knees almost locked out, but not quite. Keep the bar close to your body and feel the deep stretch on your hamstrings and glutes.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 20 1 minute
2 No 20 1 minute
3 No 20 1 minute

Walking Lunge:

Walking lunges for leg workout

Don’t say we didn’t let you walk it off! Hoist that deadlift barbell onto your shoulders and do a walking lunge until you scream MERCY!

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 20 steps 1 minute
2 No 20 steps 1 minute
3 No 20 steps 1 minute

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