Rapid Fat Loss With Body Spartan: Genesis is Making Believers

rapid fat loss program

Body Spartan: Genesis is making thousands of hopefuls into believers with rapid fat loss results! As the fat loss is increasing, many want to know WHY it is working so fast! Body Spartan Genesis Rapid Fat Loss program

Athletes and formerly sedentary readers alike are seeing mind-blowing results and feeling better than they ever have in their life. The rapid fat loss program that’s included in the Body Spartan: Genesis book is the pinnacle of nutritional science, weight lifting, and cardiovascular exercise. Here’s why those that have read the book and follow the program are seeing these rapid fat loss results:

  1. The personalized cyclonic diet leads to an almost automatic reduction in appetite. This leads to increased self-control at the dinner table and longevity with the program. Readers are claiming that they end up eating much fewer calories without even trying. The calories the do ingest are being rapidly incinerated by their body’s increased ability to metabolize fat on this program. The only thing Body Spartans crave is more results!!!
  2. Part of the immediate results Body Spartan dieters are seeing is actually the reduction of excess water from the body due to the specific diet and exercise regime. The water shedding is due to reduced insulin levels. This causes kidneys start to shed the sodium that the body does not have any use for. This is why Body Spartan dieters either drop pounds of body weight within days or see rapid abdominal definition in the first week or two.
  3. Abs are looking tighter faster than other diets because consistent cycling the Body Spartan Program directly attacks visceral fat. This is the particular fat that tends to lodge around the organs causing a puffy and bloated look in the abdominal cavity. Not only is it unattractive but studies have shown that this type of fat is known to cause serious metabolic problems. That’s right, it can keep you from burning fat even if you are on a diet! This may be why past diets have not worked for you.We are excited to see our happy readers give this stubborn invader the boot and turn up the volume on fat burning!
  4. Part of the high success rate it due to the limited time frame of the program. Body Spartans are motivated to work as diligently as possible to get the highest success rate possible in record time. Readers are motivated knowing that they can do anything for 12 weeks! How do you want to look and feel in 12 weeks?

These are even more proven benefits of Body Spartan: Genesis that are changing lives:

  • It successfully fights abdominal obesity.
  • HDL “good cholesterol” is increased.
  • Blood pressure is reduced, which is directly linked to reduced risk of many common diseases.
  • Studies have shown that it can treat and even possibly reverse type II diabetes.
  • If you have battled significant weight  for a prolonged period of time, regular cycling of this program will lower risk factors for heart disease.
  • The program reduces blood triglycerides, which are fat molecules found in the blood. Fat is such a stinker! It seems to worm its way into every fiber of our being!
  • It may also reduce the number of LDL particles floating around in the bloodstream.

If you have considered getting started with the Body Spartan: Genesis Program, do not hesitate. It helped me succeed with 84 pounds of fat loss in 10 months. How do you want to look and feel in 10 months?! Download the program here and start seeing results today!

 Xoxo Priscilla Tuft

The Body Spartan: Genesis 12-week program:

Body Spartan Genesis, Gabe Tuft, 2nd Edition

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  • GIRLS – get ridiculously toned and lean*
  • FULL 12 week program instead of just 30 or 45 days
  • Easy to follow workout plan
  • Shredding diet written by a Master Sports Nutritionist
  • Includes supplement guide & recipes.
  • From beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts
  • All our secrets for staying lean & building muscle
  • Downloads as 3 PDFs for a 100% digital experience!
  • Workouts integrate with Gym Genius App
  • BONUS: “Kick-off” motivational video ONLY available to customers

Watch the short, 60 second video and see what the Genesis program is all about

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