Real world fitness challenge – confessions of a Body Spartan

John Foster's Fitness Challenge

Brand ambassador John Foster talks about real world fitness transformations and his new fitness challenge

The fitness challenge that we all face is how to find the time to meet our goals while we try to make ends meet. We all have day jobs, some two jobs, and some a family.  John Foster confesses that his 9-5 job as a superintendent for construction and IT has taken it’s toll on his fitness goals and dreams.  In the video below, you’ll see shots of John at his peak and shots of today, when he shot this video wearing his heart on his sleeve.

To all of the everyday people out there, to everyone grinding day in and day out to ensure that their is food on their table and that their bills are paid – this video and fitness challenge is for you.

After watching the video, if you’re inspired to follow John in his transformation, follow his Instagram page for progress photos, updates, workouts, and motivation at @the_relentless_npc


If you want to start your own personal challenge but think you might need support, head over to our online coaching page and fill out the application to be considered for coaching from one of our Body Spartan Team members.


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