Row to grow back workout

Row to grow back workout

Body Spartan rows their way to a serious back pump

Brand ambassadors Brandon Griffith and Howard Perry are back at it again with an intense back workout that includes volume and some heavy weight – letting us know that if you want that back to grow, you gotta row!
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Hammer strength low row super set angled grip to supinated grip

Hammer strength low row

Hammer machines add a great variation of isolating workouts. We happen to have access to a lot of hammer machine equipment. If you do not have one, you can simply use a cable system. Start by using a standard over-hand grip at a 45-degree angle and begin pulling for your first set. For the second set of the super set, supinate your hands to an under-hand grip and begin the same pull movement for the remainder of the reps. With both movements, focus on keeping the elbows close to the body. This will allow you to focus your contraction on the rhomboids (medial back muscles).

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 Yes 10/10 2 minutes
2 Yes 10/10 2 minutes
3 Yes 10/10 2 minutes
4 Yes 10/10 2 minutes

Bent over barbell row wide/medium/close grip super set

Bent over barbell row

This bent over barbell row tri-variation is a complete set to add to your arsenal. Start by loading up a barbell with moderate weight, as you are doing 30 reps. Its easiest to place the bar on a bench or similar platform to allow fast switches. Start with a wide grip, placing your hands just outside the last finger markers on a barbell for your first 10. The second set of 10 will be a medium or standard hand placement. The final set will be close, which may be new to a lot of you. For the final set of 10, focus on keeping your elbows close. This will allow a tight squeeze in the center of the back.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 Yes 10/10/10 2 minutes
2 Yes 10/10/10 2 minutes
3 Yes 10/10/10 2 minutes
4 Yes 10/10/10 2 minutes

Lateral t-bar rows

Lateral t-bar rows

You may have seen these once or twice before in a Body Spartan workout. Lateral t-bar rows or Meadow rows are a wonderful way to isolate each lat with some heavy weight. Standing perpendicular to the bar, grab the end with one hand and move the opposite leg slightly forward for balance. Keeping your back straight and elbow flared, begin your pull movement. Make sure to fully elongate the arm as you allow the weight down for a full stretch on the lat. On the contraction part of the movement, do not allow your body to rotate and put pressure on your lower back. We want controlled movement with this exercise.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 15 2 minutes
2 No 15 2 minutes
3 No 15 2 minutes
4 No 15 2 minutes

Seated single hammer row

Seated single hammer row

Continuing with the isolation rows, we move over to the seated hammer row machine. This is another opportunity to pull some heavy weight. This also can be performed on a seated cable machine with a single grip attachment. For this grip, you want to go for a neutral grip, which will allow you to keep the elbow tucked in. This will allow you to engage more of the back and pull heavier weight. Complete your first side, then move to the other side.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 12 2 minutes
2 No 12 2 minutes
3 No 12 2 minutes
4 No 12 2 minutes


Pull ups back workout

Yes, you are seeing this correctly. Pull ups toward the end of the workout may seem insane, but it’s exactly what we want. Most of your back should be fatigued, which means you can’t recruit muscles to help with the main contraction we are looking to make. Keep your elbows flared out so you will focus contraction on the teres major muscles, which are just behind your armpits. If you need to use the assisted pull up machine, bands, or your workout partner to make sure you get all 10 reps, then do so.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 10 2 minutes
2 No 10 2 minutes
3 No 10 2 minutes
4 No 10 2 minutes

Wide grip lat pull down super set straight bar pull down

Nuetral grip lat pull down

Strait arm lat pull down

Keep the width going with this awesome super set. Wide grip lat pull downs will once again put some focus on the teres major as well as the lats. Make sure to keep the elbows flared and focus on the contraction. For the second exercise, you will want to set up another long bar at the top attachment of a cable machine. Place the hands wide on the bar, lean slightly forward and keep the arms straight, and begin pulling down to your thighs. This will send a pump to your lats like no other. Bounce back and forth between these two movements for the ultimate burnout.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 Yes 20/20 2 minutes
2 Yes 20/20 2 minutes
3 Yes 20/20 2 minutes
4 Yes 20/20 2 minutes

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