Shoulder workout in Austin, TX

Austin TX, Shoulder workout

Body Spartan travels to Austin TX, to crush a shoulder workout

Gabe and Howie travel half way across the country to check out Austin TX. While there, they meet up with a fan “Brian Parch” and put him through one hell of a shoulder workout!
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Front DB raises super set with lateral raises

Dumbbell front raise shoulder workout

Dumbbell lateral raises shoulder workout

Start this workout with some basic shoulder movements that will allow good blood flow to the shoulders. First exercise will be front raises, where you will grab two dumbbells and hold them just in front of you with a over hand grip (palms facing down). Begin your raises and make sure to control the movement. At the bottom of the movement make sure to add a quick pause to eliminate momentum, as you do not want to swing the weight up. Once you’ve finished twenty front raises, rotate the dumbbells to your side and begin your lateral raises. For better engagement on laterals, start the movement slightly behind your mid line. This will keep the contraction more in the medial delt and less in the anterior.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 Yes 20/20 2 minutes
2 Yes 20/20 2 minutes
3 Yes 15/15 2 minutes
4 Yes 15/15 2 minutes

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TUT Hammer Strength Press

Single hammer press with TUT shoulder workout

Hammer shoulder press shoulder workout

This is a three part shoulder press with time under tension (TUT). If you do not have a Hammer machine, you can use dumbbells to get the same movement. First raise both arms into the top part of the the movement. From here you will begin your reps with one arm, while the other arm remains under tension of the weight. Remember, don’t lock out at the elbow with the arm that’s under constant tension. You want that shoulder to burn during the entire time you’re holding it there. Complete ten reps and then switch arms and begin reps with the other arm while the first arm now holds the tension. Once you have completed ten reps on either side, you will finish strong with ten reps, using both arms together. The reps will be ten presses on either side and then ten presses together for a total of thirty reps.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 30 2 minutes
2 No 30 2 minutes
3 No 30 2 minutes
4 No 30 2 minutes

Upright row super set with rear delt fly

up right row shoulder workout

Rear Delt DB fly shoulder workout

Upright rows are a great way to target the shoulders and traps. You can use an EZ bar, barbell, or a smith machine for this movement. The grip for this exercise should be just out side the shoulders (wide grip). Keeping the bar close to your body, begin to raise it up toward your chin. Flaring out the elbows will allow you to get more range of motion. Allowing the wrist to be limp will also increase range of motion and allow you to keep it close to the body. The second exercise is rear delt flys on a incline bench. Lay on a incline bench with your chest on the pad, with dumbbells handing freely in your hands. With your scapula retracted and your hands pronated, begin your flys. The pronating of the hands will keep the tension more in your delts and instead of the back.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 Yes 20/20 2 minutes
2 Yes 20/20 2 minutes
3 Yes 15/15 2 minutes
4 Yes 15/15 2 minutes

TUT cable front raises

Double cable front raise shoulder workout

Set a dual cable machine down to the lower setting, with single grip attachments. From here you will grab the grips with your back facing the machine. Take a couple steps forward and raise your hands in front of you to shoulder height. Similar to the press, you are going to leave one hand in place and begin doing front raises with the other. The arm that is stationary will be constantly under strain (TUT). Once the first side is complete, you will end at the top of the position and hold as you begin the second set. Once both sides are complete you will finish the final reps with both sides raising at the same time. The reps will be 10 raises on each side and 10 together for a total of 30 reps.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 30 2 minutes
2 No 30 2 minutes
3 No 30 2 minutes
4 No 30 2 minutes


T shoulder workout

Y shoulder workout

This exercise is a three part movement that targets all sides of the deltoid. It will require a incline bench and a set of dumbbells (light). The first movement is a rear delt fly or the “T”, the second movement is between a rear delt fly and a front raise “Y”, and the final movement is close together in front of you “I” which is similar to a front raise. One rep of each movement is going to be one full rep for the sake of the set. You will then repeat for another fourteen times for a total of fifteen reps.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No 15 2 minutes
2 No 15 2 minutes
3 No 15 2 minutes
4 No 15 2 minutes

3 position plate raises

Three position plate raises will be your finisher/burnout for this shoulder workout. Grab a plate of appropriate weight and position your hands at three and nine o’clock. You will then raise the weight to shoulder height and return in back down. The second rep will not only be a rep, but will be turned to either the left or right side by rotating the plate like a steering wheel. From there you will return to a regular raise and then a raise rotating to the other side. You will repeat this pattern until you physically cannot lift the weight any longer.

Set Super set Reps Rest
1 No Max effort/Failure Done

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