Mens and womens camo sleeveless hoodies

Body Spartan introduces it’s new white camo sleeveless hoodie!

With the huge demand for our sleeveless hoodies in the recent two months, we’ve decided to roll out two new options to expand your already awesome, gym swag collection. Our latest color that is flying off our shelves is our white camo. We’ve rolled out both men’s sleeveless hoodies and women’s sleeveless hoodies in this new color. The response to our rollout for these new workout hoodies has been incredible and overwhelming. Below is a gallery of these new camo hoodies.  Big thanks to Culture Pop Films and Jamie Tuell for the incredible photo shoot:

Sleeveless hoodie photo gallery – white camo

In addition to our camo color, we’ve also rolled out white for both men’s sleeveless hoodies and women’s sleeveless hoodies.  The white is amazingly clean, brilliant, and the logo pops right off the shirt. If you’re rocking a nice tan, have olive colored or darker colored skin, this sleeveless hoodie will look amazing on you. It’s a big favorite with the ladies as well.

Sleeveless hoodie photo gallery – white

Get your sleeveless hoodie in camo or white now!

Be a part of the movement that’s sweeping the nation and grab your sleeveless hoodie today. It’s a symbol that you are part of Team Body Spartan and that you believe in what we stand for – which is to:

Lead • Inspire •Motivate

Dawning one of our hoodies is representative of changing your physique and your life for the better. It’s a symbol that you will strive to stay positive in all you do, reach for your dream and goals, and help others do the same. It’s a reminder that you were meant for more…and that you are on the path to achieving your dreams. If you can conquer fitness, you can conquer anything.

Order your sleeveless hoodie below:

Men’s Sleeveless Hoodie 

Women’s Sleeveless Hoodie 

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