What’s the difference in sleeveless hoodies and stringer hoodies?

Not much – except one is incredibly epic gym swag while the other is just a hoodie without sleeves.  Even though we classify our hoodies as both sleeveless hoodies and stringer hoodies, there is a difference.

Stringer hoodies got their name from the Y cut on the back of the hoodie (Y-back).  Basically, it looks like a small string of material that runs down the center of your back.  For years bodybuilders and powerlifters have been wearing Y-back tank tops not just because they show off their muscles but because they are incredibly comfortable and allow for a ton of air flow (insert giggles here).

Have a look at our photo shoot video below for our stringer hoodies, to see what I’m talking about:

Body Spartan Sleeveless Hoodie and Stringer Hoodie Photo Shoot

Are sleeveless hoodies better than stringer hoodies

Whether or not sleeveless hoodies are better than stringer hoodies are all a matter of opinion.  Sleeveless hoodies have more material and are warmer whereas stringer hoodies, as mentioned above, have far less material, breathe better, and simply look bad ass.

If you want epic bodybuilding apparel then our sleeveless/stringer hoodies line is just for you.

Sleeveless and stringer hoodies are new, and they’re awesome. The gym in no longer just about going and getting your workout in – although, that’s pretty much the purpose of being there. If you look around you will notice that everyone tries to stand out in their own way. Whether it’s bright yellow/green socks and shoes, compression sleeves, or other quirky gym swag accessories, everyone wants to stand out from the crowd in one way or another.

Stand apart with the Body Spartan sleeveless/stringer hoodies

The team here at Body Spartan knows that your gym “style” represents your dedication to fitness. Our sleeveless hoodies will set you apart from the crowd. Whether your a guy or a girl, we have sleeveless hoodies that you can rock.  Our line of sleeveless hoodies come in the following colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Pink (women’s line only)

Show the world that fitness is your lifestyle

Rocking a sleeveless hoodie from Body Spartan says you are dedicated to fitness. It’s not a trend for you…it’s a lifestyle. It screams, “I work hard in the gym!”.  Years of training and dedication have gone into your body. You’ve earned the right to show it off.

If you don’t feel as though you’re ready to show off a little extra skin in the gym, many of our customers will wear a tank top underneath their sleeveless/stringer hoodies.  That way, you get all the style and still feel confident while you’re working out.

Body Spartan is a trusted brand that is well recognized in the fitness industry. By wearing one of our sleeveless hoodies you’re telling the world that you are a part of our movement. You’re telling everyone in your gym or health club that you have chosen the path less traveled, the path that leads to greatness, longevity, health, and ultimately the path that will help you make your fitness dreams a reality.

Order your sleeveless/stringer hoodies today!

Stringer Hoodie in Mens Bodybuilding ApparelMen’s Stringer Hoodie

Pink bodybuilding apparel

Women’s Stringer Hoodie

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