Spray tan – the simple and easy trick to a leaner, more shredded body

Spray tan secrets from the pros

Secrets of spray tanningCan a simple trick as easy as a spray tan really make that much of a difference? Absolutely.

Most of us that aren’t blessed with darker skin have been trying for years to obtain that beautiful, tanned look.  It gives the illusion that we are actually leaner than we are and for some unknown reason makes our muscles appear slightly more defined than if we didn’t have a tan.  Additionally, the majority of the nation (and world) finds it more attractive than the alternative.  Why else would an entire locker room full of pro wrestlers be covered in spray tan the day of a TV taping for Raw or Smackdown? Seriously, it got so bad that at one point we actually got reamed by the brass for leaving the shower areas and locker rooms covered in orange mist.

Why not just sit in a tanning bed instead of using spray tan?

There are several reasons why us wrestlers and many Hollywood movie stars and actors have chosen spray tan over tanning beds.  First is that it takes a large chunk of time to drive to the tanning salon, wait for your bed, undress, put tanning lotion on, sit for 20 minutes in the bed, get dressed, and then finally drive back to where you were headed in the first place.  Not to mention that there have been numerous studies on how detrimental tanning beds are to your skin and how they exponentially increase your risk of skin cancer.

What’s the best way to spray tan?

It’s only after years of experience with spray tan that I am actually able to say I’m an expert on this subject.  I’ve tried every spray tanning method out there from being airbrushed by some strange female in a tanning salon, to Mystic Tans, to tanning with lotions, and I’ve got to say there is only one method that has successfully worked and is worth my time and money.

First, you’ll want to spray tan at night so that the solution can sit on your skin for at least 8 hours.

Second, pick the spray tan of your choice.  I mention my two favorites below.  Next, shower, exfoliate, and dry off completely.  I actually wait about 10 minutes before tanning just to make sure that I don’t have any moisture on my skin.  Do not put on lotion or deodorant or it will destroy your tan.

Next, if you have a back yard, go outside in your bikini or your underwear (or naked if your fence is high enough) and start spraying.  Slow, methodical motions are the only way that works.  You should hold the nozzle or can about 12-inches from your skin and release the nozzle as your upward or downward motion stops.  This will prevent getting blotches.

Spray tan secrets from Tyler ReksHave a friend or family member take care of your back and the back of your legs.  If you’re really talented you can do a decent job yourself.  I was actually able to lean forward and kind of aim the nozzle up in the air a little bit so the mist would fall back down and hit my back.  It works most of the time but not always.  You can see from my Money in the Back match against Ryback that it’s far from perfect.  I should have just had Hawkins spray tan my back in that case.  Yes, that’s me getting closelined with a less-than-perfect spray tan.

Also, I would put on an old pair of sweats and a long sleeved shirt once your tanning solution has dried on your skin.  Then hop in bed and be prepared to change the sheets the next day.  The tanner is water soluble so your sheets will survive.

How do I spray tan in an apartment?

Luckily for you, I’ve done this too and have a solution.  In this case you will want to shower at least an hour or more before you spray tan.  This is because you do not want any humidity in your bathroom when you tan.  Yes, you will be tanning in the shower or bath area and humidity will destroy your tan.

Once you’re dry and the bathroom is clear of any humidity, pull your shower curtain as far to the side as possible and make sure your exhaust fan is on as well.  If you don’t have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, you may be out of luck and your walls will eventually turn orange.  I know this from experience.

Spray tan yourself using the same method I mentioned above.  I would also recommend placing an old towel on the shower floor to step on.  This will keep the spray tan off the bottoms of your feet.

When you’re done, step out and let the tanner dry.  Then, once you’re clothed with a long sleeve shirt on, carefully go back into the bathroom and turn on the shower with cold water (to keep any humidity from forming).  Rinse the shower and tub the best you can.  When you shower off the next morning, you can scrub the walls and shower floor a little to remove any additional, left over tanner.

The best spray tanWhich spray tan is the best?

I recommend only two.

  1. Salon Bronze spray tanner from Sally Beauty Supply.  It comes in a white bottle with brown writing on it and they are about $9-$12 each.  I would use about one and a half bottle with two full coatings on myself, letting the coats dry about 10 minutes in between.
  2. Jantana’s home spray tan, airbrush kit using the Playboy Glitz tanning solution.

Either one of these are great options.  You’ll spend more money in the long run if you buy the Salon Bronze in a can.  If you buy the Jantana system, you’ll have the compressor and the airbrush gun and you can pretty much buy any solution you like.  Personally, I would recommend the Playboy Glitz tanning solution.  It has to be the best, longest lasting tanner I’ve Spray tan with Jan Tanaever tried.   It’s about $300 for the 1 gallon container but you will get upwards of 32 tans if you use it correctly.

So now that you’ve learned all my spray tan secrets, go hit the gym and get ready for summer.  Slap that tan on the night before you hit the pool and you’ll be the best looking person poolside. Trust me, I know.

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