Swolemates 101: When She Doesn’t Get Your Gym Obsession

It’s no secret, as Body Spartans we are relentlessly obsessed with fitness. What happens when our significant other just doesn’t get it? Is it time for the Nag and Drag?

You know the ol’ nag and drag… if you pester your sweetie enough they’ll cave in allowing you to drag them into the gym kicking and screaming for a miserable workout that you both regret. Though it seems to make the most sense to remind your partner to shape up, it’s the very best way to slow down the fitness conversion. Ditch the Nag and Drag Back off- Don’t pressure.

Build Me Up Buttercup

Women, when we are the ones doing this our big strong men feel weak and disrespected. Men, when you are the culprits of the “nag and drag” your lady is wondering if she is enough for you. The “nag and drag” is the perfect recipe for an insecure partner. A partner who is insecure is going to be the last one in line to be your gym buddy. They feel uncomfortable walking into use the restroom much less slamming weights around and smashing PR’s with you.

When I first realized that I needed to lose weight, I remember feeling the pressure of making it happen as fast as possible for Gabe.

Barbie Vs Chubby Bunny

At the time Gabe was wrestling in the WWE. He was on the road 6 days out of the week. I was home with our baby, eating to feel companionship and making irreplaceable swales in the couch. By proxy his World Wrestling Entertainment career meant that we were hanging out backstage with scantily clad Barbie doll shaped divas and coming home to a “chubby bunny.” The divas were all sweethearts and friends of mine but I still secretly compared myself to the beauties he saw in front of his face six days out of the week.

Week after week he would come home off the road to find “more of me to love”. One Wednesday night he came in to find a driven motivated wife that was ready to transform your life. Never once did he nag me or make any suggestions about the way I ate or lived. What he did do was set an example of love that inspired me to take action on my own goals. I watched his life of consistency and clean eating and I decided that I wanted to live a long time, make him proud and start feeling more emotionally solid.

Love Me For Me

As he walked in I ran up to him in excitement:

“Baby! I’m going to lose weight! I’m going to do it! I’m going to get healthy and make you proud!”

To my bewilderment he smiled sweetly kissed my face and said:

“Take your time. Do this for yourself not me.  I love you exactly the way that you are.”

Part of me was stunned not understanding why he wasn’t elated with me. I mean, didn’t he want me to look just like those divas and be his trophy wife?! It was monumental to me when I understood how he felt about my weight. Who I was and how I loved, was so much more important than how I looked. As my weight spiraled out of control he always just looked at me with a sparkle in his eye touched my face and said:

“Nothing will change your beautiful eyes in the shape of your face”.

This attitude right here is what motivated me to bust my hiney twice as hard. My trophy of a husband deserved a wife that loves him enough to present her best to him in every aspect of her life.

Resist The Nag And Drag

Each week for 13 months he would watch my fitness progression and support me without over emphasizing weight loss. He focused on my heart and never harped on me if I fell off my plan. He believed I could do it and supported me by validating more who I was becoming through all of it.

If it’s your goal to get your cutie in the gym,  it starts by loving them for who they are and ditching the nag and drag!

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