Team Body Spartan crushes it at national qualifying bodybuilding competition

Bodybuilding Competition with Team Body Spartan

Hard work, dedication, and the Body Spartan program pay off at the 2015 Tahoe Show NPC bodybuilding competition


A national qualifying event, the NPC sanctioned Tahoe Show is an annual bodybuilding competition that draws both IFBB and NPC competitors. Winners of this specific bodybuilding contest will move on to nationals and have a shot at obtaining their IFBB pro card.

Team Body Spartan member John Foster along with Team Body Spartan member Howard Perry, spent the last 12 weeks preparing for this show.

John Foster’s hard work and dedication allowed him to easily be picked out as a top competitor. With a 61% lead on the score card over the second place contestant, John walked away with a first place medal, has qualified for nationals, and now has a shot at his IFBB pro card.


Howard Perry also had an incredible showing. His 12 week transformation and contest prep speaks volumes to what can be accomplished when your training and nutrition are on point. His dedication, passion, and love for what he does allowed him to reach his goal.

Bodybuilding contests are won from the back

As we mentioned above, both competitors used workouts that have been posted on this site to obtain their contest-winning physiques. With that in mind, one of the most important elements of any bodybuilding contest is the shape and development of a competitor’s back. This is especially true for men’s physique competitors where the judges are looking for a wide taper down to a small waistline. One of the workouts both John and Howard used to increase the width of their backs and create the taper you see in the photos here, is this one:

Body Spartan Competition Back Workout

Nutrition is key

I can’t begin to stress how important solid nutrition is for potential competitors or even for those just looking for a lifestyle change. Guessing at what you should eat is a recipe for failure. Knowing what you should eat, when you should eat it, and in what quantities is the only way to truly change your physique. A big thanks to John Rodriguez for his nutrition guidance, coaching, and dedication to both competitors.

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